Take a Spooky, Slightly Boozy Tour of D.C. for Halloween

White House

House on haunted hill: Nightly Spirits’ White House Pub Tour travels right by the famed residence. If what goes on in there doesn’t scare you, nothing will! (geopungo via Flickr)

You afraid of things that go bump in the night? How about when they occur on a certain commercialized and colorful “holiday,” the one dedicated to black cats (RIP New Kitty), fanged-bats, macabre Edgar Allan Poe stories, and maybe even nightmares of fitness celebrity John Basedow coming after you with that creepy head of his?

No, Washington, D.C., doesn’t exactly scream Transylvania (and yes, it does scream other things), but with Nightly Spirits haunted pub crawl tours, the capital can get quite scary … and tipsy – especially on Halloween.

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The company offers four tours, but we’ll stick with the White House Pub Tour, their “original and most popular” walk’n’drink. The tour is approximately 2.5 hours in duration, so apartment renters in the area can both walk off those beers and scotches and be warmed-up enough to battle the many demons conjured.

And Nightly Spirits has even added extra nights around All Hallows Eve so they can a., scare more people, b., get them buzzed while doing so, and c., make more money, though maybe not in that order.

View Larger Map Nightly Spirits White House Pub Tour
Occidental Grill & Seafood

1475 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20004

Here’s what they say you’ll be in for:

You will be taken on a tour by a costumed Washington D.C. licensed tour guide along a walking route that will explore the history and haunted past of some of the most historic and haunted pubs and buildings in Washington D.C. The tour will stop at approximately 3-4 different locations, while giving the group time to hear a story and get a beverage at each location. The stories are a good mix of history as well as some popular ghost stories along the way. This tour also comes with a surprise gift for each person during check-in.

Although the site says accommodations can be made ahead of time for youngsters, this is normally a 21-plus affair.

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Now we get to the price. You get to drink a few and have your pants scared off for $32.95. And, uhmm, you gotta buy your own drinks. That surprise gift better be good.

The tour begins at Occidental Grill & Seafood at 8:30 p.m. Reservations are required. The restaurant is a hop, skip and a boo away from Metro Center (Red, Blue/Yellow).

Be there to be scared.

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