Fly Your Freak Flag High at the Capital Fringe Festival

We took a break from these weirdos with a mission last year, but since we tend to like weirdos here on the blog (arty, entertaining ones at least), we’ve brought them back again, these Fringe Festival freaks.

Already in high gear by the time you’ll read this, the Ninth Annual Capital Fringe Festival will be banging away until July 27, so there’s more than enough time for area renters to get fringy.

This year, the site’s shows tab is pretty darn user-friendly. Here, they list shows by date and category, “a record-breaking 140 independent productions” in fact. While we’ve missed a few days (the festival started July 10), based on some cursory research, I believe you’ll still get to see most, if not nearly all, of the productions slated to appear.

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Capital Fringe Festival (Joe Loong via Flickr)

Strange days: “What? We’ve got less than two weeks until they 86 the Capital Fringe Festival? Jeepers, gang! We’d better get a move on!” (Joe Loong via Flickr)

Talk about categories, some 20 are listed, including comedy, dance and physical theater, music, musical theater and opera, interactive, and storytelling. And for the first time, the festival will feature site-specific shows.

There are more than 15 venues throughout the city hosting performances, including the Baldacchino Tent Bar at 607 New York Avenue, which stands as Fort Fringe. Fort Fringe serves as the festival hub where you can go have some food and drink and catch up on all things festival-related. It might be cool just to hang out there with your friends and act like you’re in-the-know.

One show that caught my eye (partly because I kept seeing the ad for it) is “About a Girl,” a story of suburban teenagers in 1985 Texas hitting some rough patches with drugs and pregnancy. The play takes place at the Gallery-Goethe Institut.

Another interesting presentation looks to be “Report to an Academy,” a take on Franz Kafka’s short story “A Report to an Academy,” about an ape who “evolves to behave like a human and presents the vile details of his captivity to a scientific academy.” Robert McNamara stars as Red Peter the ape in a solo performance at Caos on F.

Single tickets will set you back $17 (plus a one-time purchase of your Fringe button, which at this late hour is $7). As you can see on their tickets and passes page, they have all types of multiple ticket configurations, so you can pick and choose. If you purchase single tickets online or over the phone, you’ll be charged a stupid $3.75 service fee, and $5.50 when doing the same with a multiple ticket purchase. So you might want to hit one of their two box offices and save a little.

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And like everybody else these days, Capital Fringe Festival has a Facebook page you can view to keep abreast of fringy goings-on.

Washington City Paper and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities are among the sustaining sponsors this year.

Most of these venues are Metro accessible, and each venue has the nearest stop listed. Spend some time on the site looking at the many productions Capital Fringe Festival offers. A night at one of these performances seems a lot more interesting than hitting the bars.

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