Local DC Man Has Kickstarter Campaign Worth Donating Towards

A local DC man has been making waves across social media recently with a truly original campaign. What is he raising money for? Eric Sanchez, wants Kenny Loggins to play a concert in his living room for him and his friends. Mr. Sanchez is a PR consultant living in the Eastern Market neighborhood and when asked via Facebook chat “How positive are you that you’ll reach the $30K mark?”eric sanchez kickstarter

Mr. Sanchez responded, “Our backers have almost met us halfway, and I think momentum is on our side. I’m looking forward to my living room becoming the danger zone, with my cross streets being the highway to it.”

Eric has appeared on numerous television shows, blogs, and print magazines for his recent kickstarter campaign. One of the most notable appearances Eric has made was on the Jimmy Kimmel show, seen here:

If there was any question as to the value of this type of publicity, look no further than the lengthy list of websites under “Media Clips” on his kickstarter page. Even if Mr. Sanchez doesn’t reach his goal, he’ll have established himself as quite the “PR guru.”

Finally, I asked Mr. Sanchez, “Are your neighbors cool with you throwing a concert in your living room, even if it is Kenny Loggins…? Loggins isn’t for everybody.” 

There was no reply.

Eric Sanchez’s online status on Facebook went from online to mobile possibly meaning that there could be a new apartment available in Eastern Market after this once in a life in a lifetime concert is over.

Best of Luck Eric! To donate to this cause, go to his kickstarter page here.

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