Lace Up Those Skates and Take to the Ice in Georgetown

I bet there are apartment renters out there in lovely D.C. who practically grew up in ice skates.

You know the kind of person I’m talking about, the ones who skated for fun when the ice froze, or maybe high school or college hockey players, or even those rare sorts who competed in Olympic-style ice skating events. I didn’t, but who cares about me? It’s what you want that’s important, and likes to cater to your sporting and recreational whims because that’s just the way we are.

Washington Harbour Ice Rink (Daniel Lobo via Flickr)

Let it go: With more ice than the world-famous rink at Rockefeller Center, Washington Harbour gives you plenty of room to cut loose. (Daniel Lobo via Flickr)

And for those of you who love to skate, I’ve found you a new place to make like Dick Button or Wayne Gretzky, a frozen patch said to not only be the city’s largest outdoor ice skating venue, but even bigger than this celebrated rink, where a certain Elf has been known to skate.

That’s right, Washington Harbour Ice Rink is a big one, 11,800 square feet of ice skating real estate open from mid-November until March (kind of the flipside of farmers’ market season in the District region).

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As its name implies, the ice rink is part of Washington Harbour, an exclusive “lifestyle center” in Georgetown that is also filled with a bunch of restaurants. So, once you’ve finished your Peggy Fleming impersonation (and yes, she was before my time too. I’m a young dinosaur), you can take your frozen feet and cheeks over to Farmers Fishers Bakers or Sequoia for a little fine dining (assuming you’re dressed for the occasion). Don’t have the money? How about some hot chocolate or an espresso drink at Starbucks?

You can skate here for $10 while 11-under/seniors/military get to take to the ice for $9; skate rentals are $5.

Hours of operation at the rink are just as persnickety as I feared: Why can’t people just have more standardized hours? It would help editors immensely. Here they are: Monday-Tuesday – noon-7 p.m.; Wednesday-Thursday – noon-9 p.m.; Friday – noon-10 p.m.; Saturday – 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; and Sunday – 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

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Is that convoluted or what? I’m not even going to list their “holiday hours.” You’ll have to go on the site yourself for that.

Once there, check out their other special skate nights, like Rock n Skate. And, if you need lessons, they provide them too.

So come out and skate to your heart’s content in one of America’s premiere neighborhoods.

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Scott D

Scott D

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