Help the Potomac Conservancy Revive Our ‘Nation’s River’

We live next to the mighty Potomac River, nicknamed “the Nation’s River,” and she’s been through a lot in her recent history. In fact, just two years ago it was rated America’s most endangered river. But she’s rallied and happily isn’t in the top 10 anymore.

And one reason for the turnaround is the work of the Potomac Conservancy, a group dedicated to improving the Potomac’s water quality by building a base of advocates and encouraging them to work locally. Says the site:

Founded in 1993, we drive the region’s clean water movement by providing the tools that empower local landowners, activists, volunteers, partners, donors and all river champions to lead the charge for clean drinking water, healthy lands and safe access to the river.

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Here’s a good brief on the history of the river.

If you’re an environmentally conscious renter in say, Dupont Circle, you may be asking yourself: What can I do to help with this vital environmental process?

Well, besides all the high-level advocacy programs the conservancy offers, they also give the average person ways to get involved through their Take Action page. Here you can sign a petition, donate or volunteer your time.

The organization offers you two ways to help improve the Potomac’s waters: the Canal Stewards program and National Days of Service.

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The Canal Stewards program, a partnership with the National Park Service, hosts bimonthly cleanups of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park; these take place at either Fletcher’s Cove in the District or the River Center Lock 8 in Cabin John, Md. The conservancy’s volunteers have removed thousands of pounds of trash from the Potomac’s shores while maintaining three miles of shore land.

National Days of Service take place four times a year at the conservancy, where I’m assuming you’ll be performing likewise cleanup duties.

Here’s a list of upcoming events. Whatever you do, try and get involved in the long-term health of the Potomac River.

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Scott D

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