It’s That Time of Year Again: Maryland Renn Fest!

The fabled Maryland Renaissance Festival is here again and this year the storyline is ever-so-scandalous! The Renn Fest is located in Crownsville, MD (very close to Annapolis, MD) and started in late August and will continue to run on weekends through October 23rd. Operating rain or shine, the faire’s gate creaks open each weekend at 10 AM and remains open until 7 PM.


If you are looking for something novel to do this weekend, enter the court of Henry VIII for some historically accurate drama, drama, drama. The Renn Fest’s website puts it succinctly:

“The year is 1526. King Henry VIII with his Queen, Katherine of Aragon and their royal court visit the village as part of their annual summer progress. King Henry is in a wonderfully happy mood. Could this have anything to do with the desirable Anne Boleyn, currently serving as a lady-in-waiting to the Queen?”

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Eating Turkey Leg at Renn Faire

Soak up the court drama, eat a turkey leg larger than your head, make an excursion of it. You might even find some fantastic apartment decor as the Renn Fest features entertainment as well as art from local artists and renn faire regulars!

Here’s what you need to know:


Theme Days

Don’t miss out on designated days like the Celtic Celebration or Pirate weekend. On theme days, particular heritages are celebrated or people will attend in themed costumes, i.e. pirate garb. Not only does the faire feature professional re-enactors, but many patrons dress up and you can, too (or you can people watch — some of the costumes are pretty elaborate). Visit the calendar for more details.



The renn faire is known for costumes and food, but there are also many, many other festivities – primarily performances. From jousting to stage plays to general re-enactment throughout (don’t miss the court characters walking around and enjoying the festivities alongside you), there’s something for everyone. If you have little ones, there are interactive games as well as shows particularly suited to younger audiences. Learn more about the entertainment this year by checking out the entertainment schedule.


Vendors & Artisans

The faire has a never ending supply of artisans selling their wares. From pottery and potpourri to paintings and maps, it is a shoppers’ paradise. But don’t get too carried away by the sights and sounds and miss out on the tastes and smells. Vendors also sell food and drink – coffee, pies, turkey legs, pickles, mac & cheese, as well as other themed delicacies.

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Don’t miss out on this event, though it happens every year – the unique stories from year to year help to make the Maryland Renaissance Festival new and exciting. If you’ve never been before, now’s the time. I recommend mid-September – early October weekends, the weather is normally just right for outdoor adventures in the fall months and the leaves start to change, too!


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