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Big cravings? Small cravings? Doesn’t matter because at Antojitos, which means little cravings in Spanish, you’ll satisfy your cravings! Man, am I jealous of all the renters living in Annandale. From Peruvian, to Salvadorian, to Guatemalan, to Mexican, to Honduran, it’s like your taste buds just booked a flight to Central America (except…lucky for you, you didn’t actually have to book a flight and deal with the massive chaos at the airport!). Located at 7258 Columbia Pike, Annandale VA 22003, it is within walking distance from many apartments in the area!

Antojitos Peruvian Chicken

So from the money you’ve luckily saved from a flight, you can now splurge at Antojitos. My mouth is watering just thinking about the selections that they have available for you to indulge. Antojitos has sandwiches, Peruvian chicken, and typical plates from a variety of Central American countries such as quesadillas, carne asada, baleadas, taquitos, pupusas, garnachas, sopes, empanadas. Also as an added bonus, Antojitos makes tortillas in case you want extra for your meal ($1 for 3, $5 for 15, or $10 for 30). The options here are literally so massive you’ll have to come back several times just to try all of the selections.


Sopes AntojitosFair warning though, watch out when you place these delicacies in your mouth, Antojitos is known in the area to serve its food fresh and hot from the kitchen. Through its mission to serve food with fresh ingredients your taste buds will be dancing to the tunes of Central America. Put on your adventurous hats and get your appetite ready because Antojitos will satisfy your Central America cravings from Monday through Sunday 10AM-10PM. If you are a DC resident and cannot make it to Antojitos in Annandale, you should visit it’s sister restaurant El Pollo Sabroso located in DC. with it’s two locations in DC (3153 Mount Pleasant NW Washington DC 20010 and 1434 Park Road NW Washington DC 20010) apartment renters can get to fulfill a similar, but different Central America craving.

                                        Taquitos Flautas de Pollo Antojitos   Garnachas Antojitos

Apartment renters! If you’re looking for a new apartment in Annandale near great restaurants like Antojitos, check out the Parliaments and Crystal Woods of Alexandria. If you’d rather live in DC but still want to be near good South American food, take a look at The Woodner or Highland Park at Columbia Heights, which are both near El Pollo Sabroso.


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