Moving to a New Apartment? Here’s How to Save Money on the Truck

Moving can be expensive, and typically one of the biggest expenses is the moving truck. But before you ditch the idea altogether and opt instead to use your own vehicle (or a friend’s), consider the following ways you can cut the cost of renting a moving truck.

Avoid the Weekends
Truck rental companies know the patterns of their target audience. They are known for increasing their rental fees during those times when most movers are looking to rent trucks. Because of work, school and other obligations, the weekend tends to be the most popular time for truck rentals. Another peak time is the end of the month, as most movers avoid moving in the middle of the month to get around paying prorated rent. Try to schedule your move during less predictable times even if that means taking a few days off from work and moving in the middle of the week.

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Make One Trip Count
Two of the major expenses of a moving truck are the gas and mileage. Try to plan your move so that you can make the whole move in one trip. Also look at the cost of renting more than one truck and compare that to the cost of making more than one trip in the same truck.

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Getting the most from your moving truck requires properly packing the boxes for easy stacking and prevention of accidental damage when moving. In addition to helping you optimize the available space, fewer trips will be required, which will help you save money.

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Size Does Matter
When people move, they tend to select one of the larger trucks to make sure they have space for everything. It’s better to downsize and only pay for the space you need. One way to downsize is to look at the items you are taking and make sure it is necessary to take it all with you. Many people find that it is easier to sell their unneeded items rather than move them. Another thing to consider is the fact that room in a moving truck can actually be your enemy. When there is open space in the back of the truck, things can slide around and get broken.

Sometimes you can catch a sales clerk in a good mood or stumble upon some good deals. It never hurts to try to negotiate a good price for your truck. You have a better chance of negotiating a good deal during a time the company doesn’t normally get business.

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Consider Various Factors When Shopping Around
It’s best to shop for a truck by comparing prices and available dates. Considering different pick-up and drop-off locations is good because different prices are offered in different locations. The experience you have had previously does not really have any impact on the provider with the cheapest price. If possible, you should not move during summer, especially between Labor Day and Memorial Day. It could be a good idea to look for companies that have several hub stations. This means that a truck can be dropped off in your local city.

In the end, moving your items yourself is more challenging than hiring a moving company to do it all for you, but when it’s done with some thought, it can be very cost effective.

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