Oh, Please: How to Entice Your Friends to Help You Move

So you just sealed the deal on your perfect apartment, and you can’t wait to move on to your next place.

But as you look at the pile of boxes towering toward the ceiling, you come to the realization that you need help. Time to call in the troops. Time to scroll through your list of contacts and see who wants to help you move.

The thing is, moving isn’t usually someone’s idea of a fun weekend afternoon. (Unless you have a bunch of friends whose passions include moving, in which case you are truly blessed.)

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Here’s where you change the game. Lets make moving fun and exciting. Your friends are going to want to help you move every weekend.

Start Off on the Right Foot
“Hey, I’m moving this weekend. Would you help me?” That’s one way to start. Or, you can butter it up.
“Hey, man, how does a case of beer and a pizza sound?”
“Well, what are your plans this Saturday?”
“You’re not busy? Perfect! You should help me move first!” How could that plan go wrong?

Provide Refreshments and Snacks
Have ice-cold water bottles ready for the grabbing. Have bowls of chips or pretzels, or a plate of pigs in a blanket at the ready, preferably located at both locations. You’ll want your friends to want for nothing. Does your friend have a special liking for green peanut M&Ms? Put bowls of them everywhere.

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Have Everything Ready to Go
Don’t make your friends wait around while you finish your prep work. Have your boxes labeled and ready to go. If you’re an organized person, you’ll probably already have this done. But for the unlucky rest of us, this organization is a must. As hard as it may seem, organization actually makes everything easier. Organizing before packing also makes unpacking loads easier, making your new pad feel like home sooner.


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Play the Perfect Soundtrack
Boogie while you move. What mood are you in? Kick it with the 90s classics, and sing your heart out to the boy-band classics that everyone knows the words to. Or pump up the volume with the newest club bangers. You’ll be so busy moving your body that you won’t realize you’re moving.

Give Your Friend a Great Thank You Gift
After lugging all of your Hello Kitty pillows, extensive movie collection and whatever else your previous apartment held, your friend deserves a great gift. Nothing says “thank you” like a case of beer and a pizza. Get their favorite brew, and sit back and look at the fruits of your labor.

Moving doesn’t have to be as unenjoyable as you might think. It’s like a hangout session that you get a cool new place out of. Reach out to your best buds and promise them a good time. Just be sure to help them move when it’s their turn.

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  • These are clever tips! We just moved last month and happily all our friends helped with moving our stuff out of the old place and and in to the new one. As this all happened just before Halloween, we threw a BIG Halloween party to say thank you. Greets!