5 Questions to Ask Before You Move Into Your New Apartment

Planning is very important if you want to have a smooth move into your new apartment.

Without a plan, along with the hassle of having to solve problems on the go, people often exceed their budget because they fail to realize all the extra fees. To avoid this, you should ask certain questions before move-in day.

Apartment Building


1. Is There an Elevator Fee?

If you aren’t living on the ground floor there are extra steps you must take. First, you need to ask the building if it is necessary to reserve an elevator and what restrictions there are, because usually elevator reservations can only be made during off-peak weekday hours or on the weekends. This will affect what date you choose to move in. Then you need to see if there is an additional fee from the moving company because of the use of an elevator. In most cases, an additional fee should be expected because of the extra time and energy needed for the loading and unloading of an elevator.

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2. Is There a Flight Charge?  

It might be necessary to carry items up or down flights of stairs, whether at the origin or the destination. Therefore, you should ask the movers if there is a separate flight charge. The availability of an elevator could make the flight charge unnecessary, so find out this information first and discuss it with your movers.

Apartment Staircase

Will movers charge you a flight fee to carry items up your apartment’s staircase?


3. Is There an Auxiliary Service Charge? 

It is possible that the home you are moving to or from is not accessible to a large moving truck. In such cases, it might be necessary to transfer your items into a smaller moving truck, which would likely result in an auxiliary service charge. This is an extra per-hour fee which applies if the movers need to transfer your items to another truck during the move. To budget properly, it is important to think about all the possible moving fees beforehand.


4. Is There Space in the Apartment?

Another thing to do before moving is measure whether your larger items of furniture will fit through the hallways, doorways, elevators and/or stairwells in your new apartment. You should also measure the entire home and plan where you furniture will go. Although bigger pieces of furniture may physically fit, they may not work well in the space. You should determine which pieces of furniture are worth keeping before you go through the strenuous process of moving them.

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Moving truck

Moving truck (Credit: By DodgertonSkillhause via morguefile


5. Is There Space for the Movers?

It is necessary to find out from your landlord if a zone or loading dock exists for the movers to park the truck and unload your stuff. Not knowing this (or other) information in advance can cause delays. Just in case this happens, you should also ask the movers about additional fees if move-in cannot be completed in one day.

Knowledge is power, so make sure you go into moving day having the answers to all your questions!


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