Prepping and Painting Your Apartment

In order to paint your apartment with ease there are certain preparation steps you should take. If you are organized in what you are doing your budget and time won’t be a problem. Here are some basic guidelines to help you get the job done:


1. Survey the Apartment

Take the time to look at each room you plan to paint. Depending on the condition of the apartment this could be one room or several rooms. Take each room you are going to have to paint and measure it. This is going to help you figure out how much paint you will need for each room.

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painting your apartment

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Now that you have surveyed the room decide what colors you feel will work best for the spaces.

Designing Tip: Adjoining rooms should have colors that blend. Also colors that are dark and bright may not be the best color choice for small areas. If you want to make sure your colors match use a color wheel.


2. Purchase Paint

Use the resources you have to help you purchase the paint you need. This can be employees of hardware or paint stores. They are great at helping you calculate exactly how much paint you will need according to your measurements. 


3. Get Supplies

One most important part of a paint job is having all the necessary supplies. This would include your paint rollers, the necessary brushes, protective coverings and more. Do try to cut cost by not getting all of your supplies. Although the supplies can end up being more costly then the paint, not having enough of what you need will slow down if not stop your.

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4. Prep the Room

Starting with the first room you plan to paint lay a drop cloth over the carpet and other furniture. Where necessary move the furniture from the walls. Don’t forget to tape all your edges, this includes around windows, light fixtures etc.


Paint Prepping

Know what you’re getting into before you get started.


5. Get to Work!

After all the prep work is done the only thing left to do is get to work. Although time is important and valuable, it can also be costly if not used wisely. When it comes to painting you have to take your time or it will show in your work. Depending on the brand of paint and the colors of the walls before you started, the walls may require several coats. Remember that the colors of the walls won’t be accurate until it has dried for several hours. Some colors have been known to get darker while other colors have been known to dry lighter.

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6. The Color

The types of colors are important when painting your apartment. A bold color can also be added to give a door or accent wall a perfect look. If a room has lots of white, it should be noted that in architectural trim, appliances, cabinets or doors can be the right place for adding a bold color because an exciting contrast is created by white. Other good news is that as a renter, if you are unable to paint a wall, you can paint a piece of furniture, and this can be done with an intense bold color found in no other place in the apartment, making it to really stand out.

Just remember to let the walls dry completely before moving everything back in place. When a person paints a room it sets the mood of that room. This is why it is important to put thought into your color choices before you start. If you take your time and go through these steps you will be successful at painting your apartment.


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