Moving from Virginia to Maryland

Virginia is a popular state because of its rich culture and good environment but its neighboring state, Maryland, is also a nice place to live. If you are moving between the two, here are some things you should consider and plan for beforehand.

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Before moving from one state to another it is important to research what economic differences there will be in your new home state. Even if the states are close to each other there can be big differences. For example, Virginia’s income tax is higher than what you pay in Maryland. The sales tax of the two states are the same, though. It is important to consider these and other taxes before moving because you need to make sure you adjust your budget for living in Maryland.

Taxes Are The Worst



Maryland is a small state, broken down into distinct regions. The Atlantic coast is located at the eastern shore, and this is a place with beaches, larger cities and small towns, with areas for seafood, sailing and southern-style hospitality. The major part of Maryland is considered part of the DC-Metro area, with lots of job opportunities. Because of all these jobs, the morning commute can be real tough, which is something you should consider before moving. Are you staying at the same job? If so, how long will your commute now be?

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One option to avoid that terrible commute is to look for an apartment not far from a Metro line. The Red Line goes north into Maryland and south into D.C., passing through the popular towns of Bethesda, Grosvenor, White Flint, Twinbrook, Shady Grove, Rockville, Takoma Park and Silver Spring. Another option is the Green Line, which diagonally cuts towards the east and north of D.C. and has stops in College Park, Prince George’s Plaza and Greenbelt. With your apartment close to a metro-accessible neighborhood, you can explore the city without having to drive and be held up in any highway traffic. Plus, if your new (or previous) job is in DC then the commute will be a breeze.



For those in live in Northern Virginia, places like Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria are the spots to go for dining and entertainment. While you can still do so after moving to Maryland, you should also explore what Maryland has to offer in this area. Bethesda has shopping, concert venues, and unique things to do like Bowlmore Lanes. Silver Spring is another hip area with lots of entertainment venues like the Fillmore and AFI Silver Theatre.

An Afternoon At Bowlmor. Credit: Meg Lauber on flickr creative commons

An Afternoon At Bowlmor. Credit: Meg Lauber on flickr creative commons


Don’t be afraid to make the plunge- moving to a new place can be super exciting and rewarding- but make sure you’re fully prepared for all aspects of moving to a different state!


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