Relocating from Maryland into DC Proper

Maryland is very close to Washington, D.C. so it is an easy move between the two places. However, if you’re moving from Maryland to DC you should be aware of these things. Over the past few years, Washington D.C. has changed radically. It is no longer that government town you have always heard about, with changing population as the administration changes. Today it is a diverse place with many permanent residents who truly care about the city.

Credit: Washington, DC - Cherry Blossom Festival by peterpanfan on Flickr Creative Commons

Credit: Washington, DC – Cherry Blossom Festival by peterpanfan on Flickr Creative Commons


Your Car

You may need to consider storing or selling your beloved car because D.C. is not a quiet, rural setting like Maryland. Parking will be a real hassle, especially if you don’t have a guaranteed spot at your apartment complex. Also, traffic is heavy, so even don’t get rid of your vehicle altogether, depending on the metro will help a lot.  Although this might at first seem intimidating, it is actually a very easy and convenient way of moving from one place to another in the city, and unlike many other train systems in the country, the D.C. Metro is very clean and safe.

Car for Sale

Credit: John Lloyd on flickr creative commons


Local Taxes

You need to know how the local taxes work in Washington D.C. The taxation system of the city is different from that of Maryland in many ways. For instance, tax on liquor is 9%, while the general sales tax is 6%, and you should expect to pay 10% tax if you rent a car or eat at a restaurant, while hotels claim 14.5% and parking boasts 12%. However, the city does not charge sales tax on medicines, groceries and utilities! Knowing all this going in will help you budget more accurately.



Downsizing is another thing that you should consider doing as you move to DC from Maryland. The reason is that you might not have the same amount of space as in Maryland. In most cases, moving to bigger cities means smaller living spaces. This can actually be a good thing, though, because it can force you to get rid of things you don’t actually use or need. Also, storage units are an option for storing the items that will not fit in your apartment, and the units in DC are safe and well-maintained!

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Storage Units

Credit: Mike Mozart on flickr creative commons



Of course I don’t need to tell you all the great stuff there is to do in the District. The best part of living there is you’re no longer a tourist just coming for a day. You’ll get to find all the hidden gems and truly see another layer of the city.


You’ll get used to the life in DC in no time and you’re sure to love it!


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