Top 10 Life Hacks for Moving

Moving soon? Are you stressing out? Let your worries melt away with these life hacks below. Always remember, It’s the small things that count.


1. Label boxes with its contents and what room it needs to go in. This way, you won’t have a disorganized mess when moving your belongings from one place to another.

2. Want your security deposit back? Take photos of your old apartment cleaned out and your new apartment before moving in. By taking pictures, you can prove to your landlord or property management that you left the place spotless and like it was before you moved in.

3. Defrost your fridge a day before moving out. It came take some time for your freezer to defrost, especially if there is a lot of ice build-up. Put towels around the base of the fridge to prevent leakage onto the floor. In a bind for breakfast on moving day? Buy a box of donuts. P.S. They don’t require a fridge!

4. Purge items you do not need. Moving is already a hassle, to begin with so the last thing you need is extra-clutter you do not necessarily need. Create a donate box and trash box. If you are having your friends or family helping you move, give them items that you were going to donate as an incentive.

5. Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug them. The picture will act as a guide for the next time you set up any electronics.

6. Pack a first night bag or box with items you will need the first day you move in. If you plan on moving into your new home over the course of a few days, having an overnight bag with essential items is key if you don’t want to search through all of your packed luggage and boxes that haven’t been unpacked.

7. Plastic wrap furniture with drawers. If you do not want to take your clothes and other belongings out of your drawers, plastic wrap your furniture with drawers containing your items. This way, you save luggage space and you don’t have to go through the hassle of organizing all of your drawers again.

8. Pack any heavy items in suitcases. Rolling suitcases will become your best friend when it comes down to the heavy stuff.

9. Pack plates vertically and wrap breakable kitchenware in towels in insuring nothing gets broken during your move.

10. Use bed sheets to transport non-fragile personal belongings. This is ideal if you run out of moving boxes or suitcases.


Stop going in over your head before moving day by taking some of the tips above to heart.

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Victoria Naranjo

Victoria Naranjo

Victoria is a full-time student at Bridgewater College and writer for Apartment Showcase.

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