How to Find the Best Roommate When Renting a Room

Have you searched high and low for a future roommate but have come up empty handed? Let your search become easier with this top-notch tips below.


Roommate finder websites can be helpful to some extent. Websites like Roomster let you search in a certain town or city for roommate based on your preferences. The rent is shown for each place that is available and the soonest move in date possible. To be safe, the website allows people who are looking for roommates to contact potential roommates of interest.

Asking friends and family if they know anyone that is looking for a new roommate can be an option. You never know, maybe you will luck out and room with our brother’s best friends’ girlfriend.

Some apartment complexes offer a personality test for those looking for a roommate. Personality tests allow for you and your roommate to be as well suited for each other as possible. Would you rather live with someone that has nothing in common with you or a handful of things in common?

Post on social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook that you are looking for a roommate. Maybe one of your followers is bound to be your future roommate/best friend. If you are really a risk taker, be confident and message someone directly on social media asking them if they are looking for a roommate.

Not the first on the list for a reason, try posting an ad on Craigslist to help your search for a roommate. Be extremely careful when reaching out to people on here and when people reach out to you. Never share personal informational right away, especially if there are any red flags. If there are any red flags, do not continue to be in contact with the person who you contacted or contacted you.

Regardless of what method you decide to use when searching for a roommate, always be cautious!

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Victoria Naranjo

Victoria Naranjo

Victoria is a full-time student at Bridgewater College and writer for Apartment Showcase.

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