Top 3 Reasons to Hire Professionals for Your Next Move

Top 3 Reasons to Hire Professionals for Your Next Move

When you’re young, strong, and on a shoestring budget, the idea of paying a professional to help move your things into a new home might seem preposterous. After all, why should you hand over your hard-earned money when you’re completely capable of doing it yourself?

While it might seem contrary to common sense, hiring a moving company can actually save you time, money, and maybe even your back. So, if you’re preparing to pack up and run out to rent a truck, take a moment to consider these three reasons you should hire a pro instead.

  1. It saves time

Tackling a move by yourself can be a time-consuming task. Even if you have extra hands willing to help, you’ll still have to make calls and work around other people’s schedules. Once you include the number of hours it takes to get supplies, pack up, and rent a truck to haul everything over to your new place, you can start to see why the idea of D.I.Y might as well be D.O.A.

By simply scheduling an appointment and signing a few documents, you can hire a team of professionals to take care of everything for you. Also, while many people only hire movers to load up their belongings from one place and unload them at another, you also have the option to pay for them to do all of the packings as well.

  1. It helps prevent damage to you and your belongings

Have you ever found yourself frustrated—and possibly hurt—while trying to maneuver a large couch up multiple flights of stairs, or perhaps ruined your furniture’s finish while attempting to find just the right angle to allow you to fit an unwieldy piece through your front door? If so, the memory is often enough to make you never want to move again.

However, hiring professional movers will take the hassle out of ever having to haul heavy furniture and burdensome boxes again. Let’s face it—professional movers have the right equipment and skills to ensure your stuff makes it safely inside your new home—whereas, most of us tend to adopt a hold-on-and-hope-for-the-best approach which can lead to you and/or your belongings being damaged (sometimes beyond repair).

  1. It can save you money

Initial math will almost surely side with the D.I.Y. method being your most cost-effective choice for moving, but hidden—and sometimes unpredictable—expenses might be enough to make you reconsider.

You’ll not only need to rent a truck, pay for gas, and purchase packing supplies, but you’ll also probably have to buy lunch for your friends helping you move—not to mention, you’ll be on the hook for any items that might be damaged in the process.

Considering the average cost of hiring a mover, and assuming you don’t get scammed or end up with a large medical bill from a blown-out back or broken bone, paying a professional can end up costing the same (or only slightly more) than doing it yourself. However, if time is also money, you’ll undoubtedly save a bunch by choosing to hire a moving company

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