4 Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Springfield

Lake Accotink

Green acres: Springfield isn’t all shopping and suburban development. There’s also the natural beauty of Lake Accotink Park, a sprawling retreat that offers a variety of outdoor activities. (Travelling_Artist via Flickr)

Springfield used to be known as the home of the Mixing Bowl, a murderous amalgam of roads that came together like a panic-inducing blender.

Now that they say it’s been remedied (and believe me, it’s still not for the faint of heart among us; no Northern Virginia traffic hot spot is, especially at rush hour), Springfield is known for … well, I’m not sure exactly what it’s known for, but I’ve been there, a couple of times in fact, and found it alright. And if you rent an apartment in Springfield, I’m sure you’ll find all types of reasons to love this place.

For now, here are four reasons to live here.

1. Location – Heavens to Betsy. What else? Really, what did you want me to lead off with: Graceland, the National Archives, K2? No, Springfield is the suburbs, and for those of you out there who like your ‘burbs a little further from the city than say, Silver Spring or Arlington, but still well within reach of the capitol city, Springfield isn’t a bad choice.

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The I-495 Capital Beltway cuts right through it. In fact, it’s where I-95 turns into I-395, so getting to the city and points closer is a straight shot. Being Northern Virginia, traffic can be awful at times (this may be the understatement of this blog’s history), so you’re lucky enough to have not one, but two railways into town. The trusty Metrorail hosts the Franconia-Springfield stop on the Blue Line, at which station you can also catch the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) train to the city as well. For those keeping score at home, yes, you can take the VRE Fredericksburg Line the other way too, all the way down to … to … to Fredericksburg if you so desire.

2. Barnes & Noble – Why would I trumpet a town having its own Barnes & Noble store? Why wouldn’t I, seeing how not every town and neighborhood in the metro area has one (though sometimes it does seem that way)? But with the store recently pulling out of the Spectrum at Reston Town Center and the use of e-readers making the future of the franchise uncertain, you gotta take advantage of things while they’re still there. Check it out at the Loisdale Center while you still can.

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3. Springfield Town Center – OK, it’s the suburbs. Again, if you want Machu Picchu, go to Peru. The Springfield Town Center is taking over for the old Springfield Mall, which has seen better days. Check out this informative article to see what you’ll get when it reopens in mid-2014. The site says that Macy’s, J.C. Penney and Target are still open during construction, so at least you can shop there until the grand reopening.

4. Lake Accotink Park – Yes, it’s a pretty funny name. It also sports 493 acres, a 55-acre lake, streams, a snack bar, pavilion shelters, picnic areas with grills, a miniature golf course, tour boat rides, canoe, rowboat and bike rentals, and even volleyball and basketball courts. And there’s more. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to sell you Ginsu knives (not if I can’t make a profit off it we’re not), just a good time at a great Springfield-area park.

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Scott D

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