4 Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Fairfax

Ah, Fairfax, what memories I have of you and a failed start-up.

No, not the one in Reston I’ve gone on about recently. This was a different beast with a huckster and a half at the helm (read: not me). Well, I could kinda see it, but I was desperate then. Aren’t we all sometimes?

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Luckily, that experience hasn’t put me off Fairfax, an independent city in Virginia. Like its suburban neighbors, there are reasons to rent an apartment here, at least four of them.

  • Location – And you could’ve heard a pin drop. But the beauty of living in the bountiful Northern Virginia suburbs is that you’re always close to something, and in this case that something includes two good ways to get to the city: Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway (U.S. Route 50) and I-66; center-city is a little less than 20 miles away. And both of these highways are famously bisected by the grand I-495 Capital Beltway (in case you hadn’t guessed). And should you want to get away, those roads, and other connectors, lead into the wilds of Virginia … and places like Leesburg and Front Royal.

    Chocolate Festival (_e.t via Flickr)

    Candy land: The city’s annual Chocolate Lovers Festival, with its decadent confectioneries and popular chocolate chip pancake breakfast, is reason enough to consider a move to Fairfax. (_e.t via Flickr)

  • Old Town – While it’s not exactly Old Town Alexandria or something equally quaint you’d find in Annapolis, Fairfax does have an Old Town. Where is its Old Town exactly? Well, we’ll go with where Main Street (Virginia Route 236) intersects with University Drive, and then fan that area out a bit. This page will give you a good idea. In Old Town you have your brick sidewalks, eateries, arty shops, and what I’ll list next …

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  • Farmers Market – Sponsored by the Downtown Fairfax Coalition, the city’s farmers market takes place during the day from mid-May to late October on Saturdays and Sundays. For some reason the one on Saturday is known as the Community Farmers’ Market, and the one on Sunday is named the Sunday Farmers’ Market. Either way, they both look like a great time to buy fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and arts and crafts. Even if you don’t live here, this looks like a fun weekend activity.
  • Historic Fairfax – Fairfax has quite a rich history, and the city has taken steps to preserve much of it. This site is an excellent primer on all things Fairfax, historical or otherwise. Visit the Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim, which “interprets the site’s history and the Civil War in the greater Fairfax area,” or take a day and go to the Fairfax Museum and Visitors Center or the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum. There’s a lot to see in historic Fairfax.
Scott D

Scott D

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