4 Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Manassas

The City of Manassas in Prince William County has a sugary-sounding name, kinda like “molasses,” and sure enough, if you visit its downtown, this historic hamlet can seem slow and easy (it was when I visited a decade or so ago).

Their official site calls it “a small city that feels like home,” so my gut feeling is not far off; and I’m sure it can be equally sweet. A city with a 2013 U.S. Census Bureau-estimated 41,705 residents (spread out over 10 square miles), this scenic town may be for you.

Here are four reasons why:

  • Location – This is a dual-edged perk. In Manassas you’re close enough to D.C. (30 miles away) and the rest of Northern Virginia to commute, either by car if you’re a hardy person who can hack traffic, or by taking Amtrak or the Virginia Railway Express (VRE). But by renting an apartment in Manassas, you really are living in a fairly idyllic, small city that’s rife with history. So yes, you can have it your way: small-town living with the District close by for work and fun.

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Bankshot basketball (Reuben Strayer via Flickr)

Board game: Manassas is dotted with parks and recreation facilities, including many that cater to non-traditional sporting activities, like bankshot basketball (above). (Reuben Strayer via Flickr)

  • History – Like many towns in this area, Manassas played a role in the War Between the States. But the city itself is pretty historic, too. Check out the Manassas Train Depot, which houses the town’s Visitor Center (and their Amtrak/VRE stop). Or take a look at some of the city’s other historic sites, which includes the Manassas Museum, where films, art exhibits and special events tell of the region’s past.
  • Downtown – The city’s charming, historic downtown (yes, we’ve taken advantage of this site quite a bit) has been designated a Virginia Main Street. The downtown area’s “superb variety of shops, museums, galleries and restaurants, combined with its robust calendar of festival[s] and events, offers an endless source of interest and fun.” If it offers a third of that, it’s worth a visit.

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Scott D

Scott D

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