Off-Beat Ways to Bring in the New Year

There are many options and to-do’s for new years in DC. If you want to celebrate at a bar, club, hotel, or other such venue, Eventbrite has a great list here. But if you want to avoid crowds, save money, and have a low-key NYE, here are some fun alternatives you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home or in someone else’s.


Go to your Favorite Grungy Music Venue

Psychoanalyzing the youth of today from a safe distance. Credit: IntangibleArts on Flickr Creative Commons

Credit: Psychoanalyzing the youth of today from a safe distance by IntangibleArts on Flickr Creative Commons

 Most music venues are hosting their own NYE event – Black Cat DC is having a ball that cost only $30.00 per ticket. These venues will likely be crowded but less so than most of the glitzier NYE galas and parties.

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PJ Party

Don’t get a mani/pedi for the night, get one on the night. Stay in and do a beauty bash or play card games, or drinking games. Whatever you do, the main rule is that everyone brings some bubbly and wears their pjs! Don’t forget to deck out your apartment with sleeping bags, pillows, and finger foods like the old days.


Movie Marathon

A stack of DVDs that you can watch with friends

Movie Marathon it until midnight – curl up with some popcorn, a buddy, lots of drinks, and special occasion snacks, and let your tv do the work. Some of my favorite movies for NYE scenes (mostly chick-flicks, sorry guys) are Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, and Sex and the City (the first movie).



If you are a book nerd like me this will work for you. Invite your favorite bookworms for a wine-and-read-a-thon. Make it competitive. You can also do a book swap party where everyone brings a favorite book and exchanges it with someone else at the party. Your guests can spend the party reading or talking about books, or anything else, but books can at least get the party started.

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Make a Special Meal Together

Cook a Fabulous Meal Together

Credit: Cristian Bortes on Flickr Creative Commons

Maybe you and your partner, roommate, or friend group aren’t interested in fighting crowds to indulge in a fancy dinner. Instead, vote on a meal you all want to make that includes ingredients you wouldn’t normally splurge on or require preparation you don’t normally take time to try. Whether you are thinking a filet mignon or a really nice piece of salmon, treating yourself and your friends to a multi-course, home cooked meal that you prepare together is both a great bonding experience and a delicious way to bring in the New Year right.



Everyone views the New Year differently. For some, it’s just another day or merely a reason to go out and celebrate. For others, the New Year marks a fresh start, or a clean slate. No matter what your stance on the greater meaning of the New Year, NYE is a great opportunity for peace, reflection, and introspection. This NYE do things differently. Instead of going to a crowded venue, or even spending NYE with close family and friends, take NYE as a time to reflect on the past year, and meditate on your plans for the next.

You can do this in the comfort of your own apartment or if you are passionate about meditation or even wanting to get into it in 2017, there are New Year’s Meditation Retreats you can attend. However you plan to celebrate this year, be safe, be warm, and be creative.

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