Top 5 Reasons to Live in Silver Spring, Maryland

There are endless reasons why Silver Spring is the perfect place to live. Here are just a few:

City Living

If you’re looking for a place that can keep up with your high-energy social life, you’ll want to check out Downtown Silver Spring. Its nightlife includes restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and music venues. But the city mellows during the day. There is a huge library, a used bookstore, and a yoga studio. The city also changes by season. In the spring and summer there is a farmers market, and in the fall and winter there is an ice skating rink at Veterans Plaza. All of this and more is within walking distance of many apartments so the convenience factor really can’t be beat. 

Vintage Look

Ice Skating at Veterans Plaza. Credit: vivariphotography on flickr creative commons


Suburban Life

If you don’t want to be in the center of the bustle and hubbub of city life, consider living in the calm of a Silver Spring suburb. Forest Glen and Clifton Park Village are two areas outside of downtown but still in Silver Spring. Plus, just a mile away from Downtown Silver Spring is Sligo Creek Park, which features a ten mile trail perfect for jogging, bike riding, or just enjoying nature.

Sligo Creek Park. Credit: takomabibelot on flickr creative commons

Sligo Creek Park. Credit: takomabibelot on flickr creative commons



Silver Spring is part of Montgomery County, which has some of the best public schools in the country. Not only that, but there is plenty to do in Silver Spring for all ages, from Duckpin Bowling to gymnastics. 

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Culture and Diversity

Silver Spring’s diverse community is ever changing, so there is always something new to explore. A unique mix of cultures from all around the world brings a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment to Silver Spring. If you feel like Mexican, Vietnamese, Greek, or Italian for dinner you can find all of them and more in Silver Spring. Live Latin, rock, R&B, and pop music can all be heard at the Fountain Plaza Stage.

10th Annual Fest Africa

Food Vendors at Fest Africa in Silver Spring. Credit: Elvert Barnes on flickr creative commons


Location and Transportation

DC is very accessible from Silver Spring. From Silver Spring’s new Transit Center, you can catch a train, a bus, or a cab. Plus, the Silver Spring Metro Station and Forest Glen Metro Station are just a few stops away from the nation’s capital.

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Silver Spring has everything from nature to nightlife, and its culture and diversity make it special. It’s also practical, with good schools and close proximity to D.C. Silver Spring has something for everyone!


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