Moving from D.C. to Maryland

There are perks to living in Washington, D.C., but if you want a change of scenery, you might consider moving to Maryland. Below are some of the reasons why Maryland might be a good fit for you.



Traveling from Maryland to D.C. is easy, especially if you have access to the Metro. Even if you don’t live in D.C., you’ll still have chances to do fun things within the city. When you’re living in the city, parking is a pain and so is driving, so taking day trips isn’t always pleasant. If you live in Maryland, however, it’s easy to take advantage and drive to local wineries and breweries, go sailing in Annapolis, or day-trip to Baltimore.


Beautiful Sunset

Sailing in Annapolis. Credit: Gretchen Esbensen on flickr creative commons



If there’s one thing you don’t have a lot of in the city, it’s space. There’s a good chance your apartment in Maryland will be bigger and less expensive than in D.C. This not only means you won’t feel cramped, but also that you’ll get to have some fun decorating. Try out those DIYs you’ve always wanted to, and buy some fun, new furniture to fill that empty space.


City Life 

Downtown Bethesda and Silver Spring are both very fun, walkable cities. There are tons of concert venues, theaters, restaurants, bars, and shops in both these places. Plus, downtown D.C. is just a few stops away on the Metro, so it’ll feel like you never left. This can be a way to still get the perks of city life while not having to deal with the sometimes overwhelming and hectic D.C.


Georgia Avenue

Downtown Silver Spring. Credit: Dan Reed on flickr creative commons



Maryland has a great public transportation system, so getting into D.C. whether it be for work or play will be simple. The Metro rail has many stops all over Maryland, and when that isn’t available there’s the MARC train. The MARC train is a commuter train that connects a bunch of stops in Maryland with Union Station.

If D.C. life is becoming a thing of the past for you, consider making Maryland your new home.


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