Top 5 Reasons to Live in the ‘Burbs

Tired of the city life and want a change of scenery? The suburbs may be right for you. Here is a list why the ‘burbs are the best place to live.



If you have experienced traffic in the city, then this is definitely a plus of living in the suburbs. There is barely any traffic on a daily basis and if there is, it’s rare. Not having traffic will be a huge plus since you don’t have to sit in a standstill for an hour even though your destination is 15 miles away. Living in the suburbs will save you on gas and time if you are in a rush to get from one place to another. A reason you will save on gas: everything in the suburbs tends to be close together shopping/produce wise. Plus, gas is just plain cheaper when you’re farther away from the city!

Smaller Community

Another plus of moving to the suburbs, is that it’s quiet because there is less congestion than the city. Smaller communities in the suburbs tend to be more tight-knit as community members and sometimes are even more friendly than you are used to! Have you always wanted the opportunity to be involved in your community? Here’s your chance! If you are moving from the city to the suburbs, prepare for a population decrease.

Fresher Produce

Since there are usually an array of farms in the suburbs, the produce will be fresher because of how close the farms are to the store. If you like purchasing the freshest produce possible, search for a local farmer’s market. This way, you know exactly where your produce is coming from and that it’s the freshest it can get. Produce directly from a farmer’s market tends to be cheaper than fresh produce in the store so if you are looking to save money, a farmer’s market is your best bet.

Cheaper Places to Live

Everyone that has lived in the city knows that renting an apartment and buying homes can get pricey. If you are looking for more space and land, the suburbs is the place to go. Homes and land are cheaper because property tax and income are lower. If you want to learn more about why homes are cheaper in the suburbs, click here.


If you have kids that have struggled to get a teacher’s attention because they need help with the course material, schools in the suburbs may be able to help with that. Since communities in the suburbs are smaller than city communities, there will be fewer people in classes in public and private schools. Many of these schools are going to be small, so be prepared to know almost everyone that attends. Making friends won’t be a problem and neither will your child getting the help they need on school material.

Living in the ‘burbs can help you find a way out of traffic, expensive homes and groceries, dull education, and large communities. Find your next place in the suburbs today with Apartment Showcase!

Victoria Naranjo

Victoria Naranjo

Victoria is a full-time student at Bridgewater College and writer for Apartment Showcase.

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