Northwest’s Kreeger Museum Takes Art Outdoors

Garden Sculptures at the Kreeger Museum

Resident aliens: Garden sculptures on display at Kreeger. Clockwise from left: “Revolve” by Foon Sham, “Bloom” by Wendy Ross and “Garden Snare” by Kendall Buster. (bobistraveling via Flickr)

There are quite a few museums in the Washington, D.C., area. You apartment renters out there don’t know how lucky you have it (though I’m sure to tell you quite frequently so you don’t forget).

Today, we’re featuring the Kreeger Museum, which is located just above the George Washington University in Northwest.

According to its site, the “Kreeger Museum is a private, non-profit art museum located in the former residence of David and Carmen Kreeger, set within five and a half acres of sculpture-filled gardens and tranquil woods.”

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The Kreeger was designed by architect Philip Johnson, and it’s one of the few examples of his work in the District. The museum itself focuses on 19th- and 20th-century paintings, featuring luminaries like Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, along with prominent Washington artists.

Here is a look at the Kreeger’s collections. The museum also boasts a number of performances and programs, including upcoming lecture series “Picasso, Braque and the Triumph of Cubism from 1912 to 1920.”

Now, this isn’t going to be something to which the average renter will likely flock, but my money says there are some fine young aesthetes out there willing to plunk down $10 for the cause.

There are similarly highbrow concerts here as well, the next one coming up in April. If you have kids and desire them to be cultured, you may want to check out the Kreeger’s Youth & Family page.

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The current exhibition at the Kreeger is “Sculpture on The Grounds, 2011 Invitational,” which is on view through July 2013. Here is a complete calendar of events through July of this year.

The Kreeger Museum is open on Friday and Saturday for general admission, but reservations are required for admittance from Tuesday to Thursday. The museum is closed during August.

Admission for adults is $10, while children 12 and under and museum members get in for free.

Though it’s not really near a Metro station, the Kreeger Museum is still well worth the trip and the area around it is also great to explore. Find an apartment nearby on Apartment Showcase. 

Scott D

Scott D

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