Let It Rain: We’ve Got the Goods on Umbrellas for Commuters

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Doppler effect: With rain in the forecast for later this week, now might be a good time to outfit yourself with a new umbrella. (Weatherbug.com)

April is known for a few things, depending on your disposition.

April 1 kicks off things with, potentially at least, the funniest day of the year. Then there are two major sporting events, the finals of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship (the culmination of March Madness) and Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. It’s also known for April 15, the last day to file your income taxes (traditionally, at least).

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But today we’ll talk about what April may be best known for: rain. The D.C. apartment renter who commutes via feet or the train/bus will likely need an umbrella at some point, and the cat-like out there might want to plunk down some hard-earned money for a good one.

Don’t ask me why, but Canada keeps coming up big this month. This time it’s the Great White North’s Cheeky Umbrella lending some help, who last Christmas listed their top 10 umbrellas for yuletide shoppers, which, was, unbelievably, four-plus months ago.

In fact, if you check their products page, you’ll see more umbrellas than you can shake a raindrop – several raindrops – at. In general, their umbrellas go for $19.99-$42. These do seem a bit steep, especially when, if memory serves me right, you can buy one from a street vendor near a Metrorail station for $10. But you get what you pay for.

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Speaking of Metrorail, this site has a pretty cool looking Metrorail-inspired umbrella … if you want to part with $38. I think it would make a great gift for someone enamored with taking the train, or maybe even a good gag gift for someone who views our subway system as the bane of their existence.

Finally, CBS Local (through fashionista Kelly Johnston) gives us their “Best Places For Rain Gear In DC,” a rather self-explanatory article on where to stock up on stuff to keep you dry. We’ll just focus on the entries featuring umbrellas, and they include Lou Lou, which has several metro-area locations, and the Smithsonian Store, located at Union Station in Capitol Hill.

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Scott D

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