Make a Break for Lunch at the Cosi in Courthouse

Lunch at Cosi

Flour power: Where does that irresistible flatbread come from? Cosi bakes each slice in open-hearth ovens right on the premises. (viviandnguyen_ via Flickr)

I’m a Cosi fan, I admit it. So sue me. It’s not as bad as admitting you like Nickelback or Michael Bolton.

Out of every Cosi I can remember gracing, I don’t recall a bad experience. I think one of my old friends had a bad time at the one in Capitol Hill, but she could be a grump and a half, you could say (that and many other things … though she may’ve been the best-read person my age I’d met or knew well at the time, and quite the aesthete when it came to the judging of literature).

As I always say, the truth is in the aggregate. And if the aggregate doesn’t scream Ouch!, then it’s safe to place the aberrations aside and go with the likely outcome.

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I also admit to being quite boring in my food selections, i.e., I always get the same thing. I figure why risk it, since lunch is the only time of day you actually enjoy work (other than chatting on the Internet or with friends in the office, or however you goof off … which I’m sure you don’t do, being the conscientious, hard-working apartment renter you obviously are. No slackers read this website, nope … which begs that nagging, troubling question: Does anybody read this blog? Bueller, Bueller?).

View Larger Map Cosi Courthouse
2050 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, Va. 22209

At the Cosi located in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington, I’ve been getting the Cosi Cobb Salad Light because it’s usually really good, and also because they claim that when you use their light dressing, it’s only 511 calories.

And that dressing is pretty amazing, about as amazing as their signature flatbread, which comes in both original and multigrain; it can make a tired man do backflips and the most disgruntled cubical worker purr like a kitten with mama (well, aside from my erstwhile friend – she took her act to L.A., and, in all fairness, she said they screwed up her order).

Some bread, eh? I sometimes get two pieces, which isn’t a good idea since the multigrain supposedly clocks in at 235 calories a shot.

Check out their menu for a full food offering.

The Courthouse location opens early (6:30 a.m., Monday-Friday; 7:30 a.m., Saturday-Sunday) and stays open pretty late (10 p.m., Monday-Saturdays; 9 p.m. on Sundays), and from what I can see, most of them do.

They don’t regularly offer butter there, though you can request it. But this is the rare bread that tastes so darn good (sometimes it’s baked right in front of you) that it doesn’t need butter (and neither does your behind, belly or hips). Cosi is kind enough to list food item calories on their in-store menu.

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Are they reinventing the wheel here? No. Are the electronic buzzers they give out to let you know your order is ready a little much? Yeah, and germaphobes probably won’t appreciate it. But is it a great place to snag lunch and even sit and eat it if the mood strikes? Definitely.

And they do have ample seating, with at least one location I know of (Capitol Hill) even having an upstairs. They also serve beer, which is pretty cool.

Conveniently located right next to the Court House Metro stop on the Orange Line, Cosi Courthouse is a winner. Eat up.

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