Beer and Burgers on Tap at Gaithersburg’s Dogfish Alehouse

If you rent an apartment in the metro region, you might’ve heard about Dogfish Head Alehouse. Or, you might have thought you have. That’s because it’s within the same family as Dogfish Head Brewery. Ah, that’s where I’ve heard of it, you think.

Like Capitol City Brewing Company, Dogfish Head Alehouse makes its own beer. Unlike the former, you can buy what you drink in stores. (The Dogfish Head Brewery is a separate facility in Delaware.)

There are three Dogfish Head Alehouse locations (plus a couple other Delaware Dogfish eateries), one in Gaithersburg, Falls Church and Fairfax each. For this article, we’ll stick with the one in Gaithersburg, as it was the first one the company opened.

Dogfish Head Alehouse (YellowDog via Flickr)

Strange brew: Dogfish concocts a number of unique ales, including My Antonia (above), a “citrusy, sweet” pilsner presumably inspired by the 1918 Willa Cather novel. Makes their Pearl Jam beer look like Bud Light. (YellowDog via Flickr)

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Dogfish’s menu boasts seven burgers, including the portobello gorgonzola burger ($11.50) and the lamb burger ($13.50). All of them come with beach fries.

This selection is more than complemented by a choice of 13 sandwiches, featuring tempters like the wood-grilled chicken & shrimp club ($12), the raison d’etre-infused bratwurst ($12.50) (as if you needed one to dig in), or the lump crab cake sandwich ($13.50). Also listed here are cod fish tacos ($12); since there are only two, they better be worth $6 a piece.

Main fare features more pricey items like crab cakes ($16/$22), wood-grilled salmon ($18), mahi mahi tacos ($16) and jambalaya ($17). There are also several personal pizzas to choose from ($8-$13), as well as 11 salads (seven with meat, four without) and a pretty sizable gluten-free menu.

Being owned by a brewery, this alehouse offers a wide selection of year-round beers.

You can try the 90 Minute Imperial IPA, which won’s Battle of the Beers tournament three years in a row. Or maybe you’d like a swig of Palo Santo Marron, aged in Paraguayan palo santo wood tanks? And you could always have a Shelter Pale Ale, a beer with “a fine malt backbone and a slightly nutty flavor.”

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A look on the site shows you what is currently on tap, chalkboard style. A couple of these brews are flirting with 20 percent ABV, and some others are pretty strong as well. As always, drink responsibly.

The Gaithersburg location gets a very strong four stars at Yelp, while Urbanspoon gives it an impressive 89 percent score. This looks like a safe bet for a fun time out.

Dogfish Head Alehouse in Gaithersburg is open Monday-Thursday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to midnight, and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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