7 Shark Tank Products Every Apartment Dweller Needs

Shark Tank Cast

For those who don’t know, Shark Tank is a super popular TV show where budding entrepreneurs come to pitch their invention/product to a group of venture capitalists. If the “sharks” like the idea then they’ll invest in the company. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been watching Shark Tank and thought to myself “I need that!” and immediately put it on my wish list. Here are some of my favorite products that would be perfect for your apartment.

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Scrub Daddy

Everyone knows that sponges are seriously disgusting, so what if there was a better way. I got a Scrub Daddy a few months ago and let me tell you, I’m never going back. It doesn’t smell, food doesn’t stick to it, and it easily gets stuck-on food off without scratching. This is seriously the best sponge ever!


Original Scrub Daddy


Perch by Urbio

This is probably one of the most unique products I’ve seen on Shark Tank. For those who love to garden but have no room in your apartment this is your solution. Perch is a magnetic wall panel you attach with command strips and then little containers can be magnetically placed anywhere on it. These containers are perfect for plants, office supplies, accessories, etc. Especially for those with small apartments, this will help greatly increase storage space. The future of decorating and indoor gardening is here!   


Perch. Credit: By Urbio on Instagram

Perch. Credit: By Urbio on Instagram


Coffee Joulies

This is number one on my Christmas list and is perfect for all coffee lovers. The problem with coffee is that it’s too hot at first and then then quickly becomes too cold. With Coffee Joulies your coffee will stay at the perfect temperature for hours. Just throw a few of these small, stainless-steel beans in your coffee and they will absorb the extra heat at first and then slowly release it as your coffee cools. They work best in travel mugs so it’s perfect for people who are on the go.  


Love the bag for storage

Coffee Joulies


Rapid Ramen Cooker

No one wants to admit it but we all eat instant Ramen sometimes. The surprising thing about Ramen is that it’s not actually that quick or easy. Cooking it on the stovetop is time-consuming but when you microwave it just doesn’t taste the same… unless you have the Rapid Ramen Cooker! This specially designed pan is used to cook Ramen in the microwave perfectly so that it tastes like it was done on the stove.


Such a neat idea!

Rapid Ramen Cooker


Fresh Patch

One of the most difficult things about having a dog in an apartment is making sure they don’t have an accident in the house. Well, with Fresh Patch you’ll never have to worry again. These small patches with real grass instinctively attract dogs to do their business on them. It’s perfect for people work long hours or older dogs who don’t want to make the trip downstairs and outside to a nearby park!

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Fresh Patch in Use! Credit: Fresh Patch on Instagram

Fresh Patch in Use! Credit: Fresh Patch on Instagram


Green Tea Body Scrub by Simple Sugars

Ever since I found out how terrible microbeads are for the environment I’ve been on the lookout for an alternative, and Simple Sugars scrubs are the perfect solution! They are specially made for sensitive skin and they exfoliate and moisturize all in one. There are so many different scrubs with different scents to choose from, but this Green Tea Body Scrub is a best seller. Although the products may seem a little pricey, this is because they are made with all natural ingredients and are never animal tested. You pay for quality! 

Green Tea Body Scrub. It smells so good!

Green Tea Body Scrub



FiberFix is changing the game when it comes to home repairs and DIY. This adhesive tape is 100 time stronger than duct tape! Simple wet it, wrap it around what you’re fixing, and ten minutes later it will be as strong as steel. You can even sand and paint it so it blends in. From pipes to furniture to tools, FiberFix will get the job done.


FIberFix a chair!

FiberFix a chair!


These are only a few of the great ideas that can be seen on this show. If you’re ever in need of ideas for new gadgets for your apartment watch Shark Tank!


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