Walk Scores for 10 Arlington Neighborhoods

We did them for D.C., and now it’s time we did them for suburbia.

Today we’ll kick off the suburbs with a county that features nary a town or city, but one still brimming with people. Yes, Arlington, one of the more distinct counties you’ll find in the nation.

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So, what do they call their population centers then? Urban villages. You wanna rent an apartment here and don’t have a car? Let’s see if there’s a neighborhood in Arlington where you can make it without wheels. As it turns out, there are quite a few. (And I know this from experience.)

1. Ballston-Virginia Square          Walk Score: 90
2. Clarendon-Courthouse             Walk Score: 88
3. Lyon Village                                 Walk Score: 86
4. Aurora Highlands                       Walk Score: 85
5. Colonial Village                          Walk Score: 85
6. North Rosslyn                             Walk Score: 83
7. Radnor/Ft. Myer Heights           Walk Score: 82
8. Ashton Heights                           Walk Score: 77
9. Fairlington-Shirlington               Walk Score: 76
10. North Highland*                       Walk Score: 73

*North Highland also goes by “North Highlands”; there doesn’t seem to be a consensus about the name, at least none I could find. Either way, it’s pretty walkable.

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Scott D

Scott D

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