Silver Spring: Maryland’s Third-Largest Town Boasts Ideal Location


All aboard: Silver Spring features a number of Metro stops, making it easy to get around the Washington, D.C., area.

According to the 2006-08 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimate, Silver Spring, Md., has 75,383 residents. If that sounds like a lot of people, well, it is. It’s the third-largest city in Maryland (Silver Spring is unincorporated) and sits just north of the Washington, D.C., city limits in Montgomery County. The city is named after a mica-filled spring found in 1840 either near or on the residence of one Francis Preston Blair; the remnants of the spring are now called Acorn Park.

“Location, location, location,” goes the common catchphrase as to what’s important in real estate. In Silver Spring, it rings true. The city has four WMATA Metrorail stops located within its city limits, all on the Red Line. The town sports a MARC train stop as well. The MARC train will not only see you to the capital, but once there you can turn around and take one of its lines all the way to Baltimore if that floats your boat.

If you’re thinking about renting in Silver Spring, you should know that there’s plenty to do in this active city. There are an impressive 14 community centers and several gyms, including a YMCA, Gold’s Gym and L.A. Fitness. The city features nearly 80 parks (this includes towns that use a Silver Spring ZIP code like Wheaton), five pools and several bike trails. (Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Snarky, that map could use some work. But this is the clay with which I have to work, so shut it.)

In both 2002 and 2004, Silver Spring was designated by the state as an official Art & Entertainment District in recognition of the city’s efforts to attract artists and entertainment venues, including providing tax benefits and financial assistance from the Maryland Economic Development Assistance Fund. Toward that end, the town features the CREATE Arts Center, a private nonprofit that offers arts classes, arts parties and arts camps to youngsters ages 2-16, plus arts classes and art therapy for adults. There are also three Montgomery County Public Library branches located in Silver Spring.

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Like any big metro town, Silver Spring offers renters many shopping options. In fact, there are more than 400 shopping and services options in the downtown area alone, with recognizable names like Ann Taylor LOFT, Borders, Whole Foods Market and Marshalls. There are also tons of restaurants – more than 100 in that same area (Austin Grill, Planet Bollywood, Red Lobster). This is in addition to Wheaton Shopping Mall (Macy’s, Target, JCPenney) and White Oak (Sears, Giant). So, making Silver Spring your new home might be just the ticket for you, find a place to live with Apartment Showcase.

Scott D

Scott D

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