Spring Cleaning Your Container Garden


A little off the top: Trim any dead or yellowing leaves in order to keep your plants looking fresh. (lovelihood via Flickr)

It may not feel like spring, but according to the trusty Gregorian calendar, the spring equinox began this year on March 20, no matter what Punxsutawney Phil says about the matter (and yes, the furry hog predicted a short winter).

So, it’s time to think about your garden. And if you’re in an apartment and don’t participate in a local community garden, it’s time to ready your apartment and/or apartment balcony garden.

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We’ve all heard about spring cleaning, but this post pertains to “spring cleaning” your apartment garden. Apartment Therapy has a pretty good little article on how to prep your container garden (or, if you’re lucky enough to have some yardage, your regular garden). (Note: This post applies to those of you who already have a garden, so those of you who want to start a new one, we’ll deal with you later.)

These may seem like no-brainers, and maybe they are, but I bet some of you don’t do these in the springtime. Get that Del Ray apartment garden ready for spring. Find your next apartment in the area with Apartment Showcase.

Here is some of what the site suggests you do:

1.     Weed – OK, this one’s a bit obvious, but you need to weed your containers.

2.     Trim – Trim any and all dead parts of the plant. They also recommend saving “succulent cuttings” for replanting later.

3.     Feed – Everyone needs nutrients, even dirt. So the site suggests worm castings (worm poop for the uninitiated), specifically, the WORMGOLD brand. And how can you not fall for that cute little worm?

4.     Water – Give everything a nice, deep watering.

5.     Plant those succulent cuttings – Talk about recycling. The writer figures that at least three-quarters of them will make it. And it will save you a little, so get to planting them.

Scott D

Scott D

Scott is a local writer and has been with the Apartment Showcase blog since its inception in 2010.

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  • Great tips for spring cleaning your home garden containers! Renters should definitely have a home garden to help green their environment. Also, I suggest they use the trimmings for compost.

  • Apartment Showcase

    Serendipity, look for our apartment composting piece next month!