How to: Vertical Gardens

Vertical Garden by SITS Girls on flickr creative commons

If you ever wished you could combine the excitement and bustle of urban life with the pastoral and natural aspects of rural life, then you may want to try vertical gardening.

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Vertical gardens, also called wall gardens, allow you to decorate your apartment with a variety of plant species, even with the limited space an apartment offers.

To get started with your vertical garden, first add soil underneath the layer of mesh included with your planter.

Vertical succulent garden frames by Emily O on flickr creative commons

Credit: Vertical succulent garden frames by Emily O on flickr creative commons.

Next is the fun part — picking out what types of plants you want for your garden. The easiest and most attractive types of plants for wall gardening are succulents. They’re low-maintenance because they don’t need much water, and you can choose from a wide variety, all with their own unique looks.

Colorful plants like these can be added to any room to brighten it up. Flowers have the same effect. You could even coordinate the colors of the plants with the color scheme of your room. Another option is to plant herbs or small vegetables and hang the planter in your kitchen.

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Once the plants have taken root and grown through the mesh, (the amount of time this takes will depend on the type of plants you select), you can hang your planter on the wall just like you would a picture.

Another option is to build your own planter. Start with a picture frame and attach chicken wire to the back. Nail wood strips all around the frame over the edges of the wire. Close up the back of the planter by attaching a piece of wood, then add soil and plants.

Once you have your vertical garden finished and you’re ready to display it, make sure you put your planter near a window so that the plants can get enough sunlight. Or, better yet, hang it right outside on your balcony!

Vertical Garden by wiccahwang on flickr creative commons.

Credit: Vertical Garden by wiccahwang on flickr creative commons.

Also remember to water your vertical garden regularly. One way to do this is by removing the planter from the wall and laying it on a flat surface. Or you could invest in a house plant irrigation system.

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Having a vertical garden can improve apartment living in so many different ways. Not only are vertical gardens a unique way to decorate and express your taste in design, but they’re also a great way to incorporate a bit of nature into your city life.

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