Best Plants for Your Apartment

I am one who is very hard on plants whether they be outdoor or indoor. I also have a small living space and don’t have a lot of room for plants sitting around. I decided to try some hanging plants around the apartment to see what would happen and I found myself to be very successful.

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Plants for your apartment. By LifeWithZeus on morguefile.

In interior design, indoor plants are used as design features, and can add a touch of life to your plain living space. In addition to having an aesthetic value, they have many health benefits. Outdoor plants also have their various benefits.


Supertunia Petunias

Petunia Supertunia Bordeaux

Petunia Supertunia Bordeaux by Serres Fortier on flickr creative commons

Supertunia Petunias can be used both indoors and outdoors; it is able to shed its old blooms and comes in many rich shades. If you hang this plant on the porch instead of indoors it will draw hummingbirds and butterflies to your porch.


Painted Lady

Painted Lady

xGraptoveria_Audrey_180308_3 by Jean-Michel Moullec on flickr creative commons

The Painted Lady gets its name because of its two-toned foliage that makes these little rosettes. This plant is excellent and drought-resistant for containers




Lobelia by Jill Robidoux on flickr creative commons

The Lobelia’s delicate blooms and exquisite blues, purples, and whites make it an excellent choice for everything including garden borders, window boxes and hanging baskets. The Lobelia does best in part-shade locations.


Sedum Morganianum

Sedum Morganianum

Sedum Morganianum Leaves by Forest and Kim Starr on flickr creative commons

This is commonly known as Donkey’s Tail, because its long-trailing succulent with vibrant green leaves draw attention instantly. For best results, you should grow the Sedum in full sunlight with regular watering throughout the year, except in winter.


‘Bella’ series Lavender

Bella Lavender

Lavenders by Sonny Abesamis on flickr creative commons

These plants are lavender in color and have will add not only its delicate purple shade to a basket but also has a soothing scent. These plants love the sun and will thrive near any window.




Chrysanthemum by Costel Slincu on flickr creative commons

A florist favorite, mums bring cold-weather color to your patio. Try ‘Maroon Pride’ for its deep fall shade or the lemon-lime ‘Minnglow’.

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How to Get Started

There are several places to find these plants like your local hardware store, and gardening store, etc. The catch is to decide if you want to grow your hanging plants from the seed or buy some that are already growing.

The benefit to buying ones that are already growing is you get the instant benefit of their beauty and you only have to follow the instructions that come with them. 


When you purchase the seeds there are steps you have to follow to make sure the plants get the best start. Some of the things you will need to consider are:

  • The right size pot according to how big the plant is expected to get
  • The right soil
  • The right amount of water
  • The right amount of sunlight

All of these factors are important when choosing your hanging plant. So before you go shopping give it some thought and make sure you are choosing a plan you can easily maintain and one that is going to fit your decorating needs.

You need to regularly fertilize your plants if healthy growth must be maintained. A fertilizer provides a balanced formula containing vitamins and humic and amino acids, and you should fertilize them from January to September. Plants are definitely a good way to bring life to your environment, color to your environment, and most importantly they add great things to the air that helps keep the air healthy.

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