7 Ways to Make Your Home Easy on the Earth

If you want to go green and freshen up your home naturally, the tips below will have your apartment looking revived in no time.

1. Get an Air Purifier and a Dehumidifier

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Purchasing an air purifier or a dehumidifier will help your home’s air quality improve within hours. A dehumidifier sucks the moisture from the air, which decreases the chance of it being humid in your home and mold growth in places that it shouldn’t be. An air purifier will remove contaminants from the air and make the air in your home more comfortable and breathable. For those who have allergies, an air purifier will become your new best friend. Have a hot and humid bedroom? A dehumidifier will significantly cool down your room in no time.


2. Dust Like You’re Spring Cleaning Once a Week

We all know how irritating dust can be especially since it can accumulate anywhere in your home. Dusting on a weekly basis can improve the air quality of your home and will make your furniture and knick-knacks look brand new. When dusting, try using furniture polish or cleaning products that do not have harsh chemicals so you don’t add toxins to the air.


3. Filter Your Tap Water

Drinking water straight from the tap isn’t exactly safe because you don’t know what is in your water. It is better to filter your water with a Brita or mountable faucet filter if you prefer to use water straight from the faucet. A faucet filter allows the water to filter right before it goes directly into your glass, creating purified water that’s safe to drink. A Brita does the same thing except the water filters in a pourable container that can be stored in your refrigerator for later use.


4. Store Food in Glass, Not Plastic

Have you been wondering why your food doesn’t stay fresh for at least a week in a plastic container? Plastic containers tend to make food soggy and not as fresh as it looked when you made it. Glass containerson the other hand, make your food last longer and taste fresh.


5. Mats at Doorways

Having a mat on each side of your main doorway(s) can help reduce dirt and outside contaminants that are tracked throughout the house. Have a “no shoes in the house” policy and have your guests take their shoes off right when they come in the door to keep your house clean thus saving energy from running your vacuum.


6. Indoor PlantsBeautiful clean living room that is earth friendly

Having a few plants indoors can help your air quality become cleaner over time by removing air-toxins that are common in most households. Go out on a limb and buy a few potted or hanging plants to not only improve your homes air quality, but add a decorative touch as well.


7. Check Your Home for Mold

See a stain in your shower or bathroom that is a pinkish tint or black?  That is probably mold. You’ll want to clean it with Clorox, bleach, or other cleaning products that aren’t harsh on your home. Cleaning mold in your shower can be a start, but check throughout your house periodically for oddly colored stains on the walls and places that are dark, cold and have high moisture.

Don’t fret, this list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making your house more earth-friendly. Comment below with other ways to get your home on the greener side of things.

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Victoria Naranjo

Victoria Naranjo

Victoria is a full-time student at Bridgewater College and writer for Apartment Showcase.

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