Living Simpler by Going Minimalistic

Do you have too much stuff in your home? Tired of running out of room to put things? Maybe consider being a minimalist and follow the tips below.


Set Goals

Before you start going minimalistic– If you have an idea of how and where you want to start, write down your goals. You may not be able to meet all of your goals at the same time, but having a slow progress is better than no progress at all.


The Basics

When considering getting rid of things within your home, the basics of what you need to live comfortably and to get by is all you need in your home.


Throw Away, Keep, Donate or Sell

Have throwaway, keep, and donate or sell piles. By sorting off where you want your clutter, unneeded, or unused items to go, it will help you see exactly what you are working with. For the throwaway pile, this will be stuff that is old and unusable, things that are broken, or just stuff that is outdated (like an old driver’s license and membership cards). The keep pile is good when used for going through a room of clutter or a drawer with documents. You do not need to tear apart your whole living room if what is already set up and displayed is what you are going to keep. Only put things in the keep pile that you plan on putting in a different room or elsewhere. The donate or sell pile is for things that you do not have a use for anymore or want, maybe even things you do not need anymore. To get rid of this pile quickly, donate. If you want to make some extra money, then host a yard or garage sale. There are even apps available for androids and smartphones to sell items on, like furniture and clothes.

Tip: Be sure to cut up your old credit/debit cards, membership cards, and drivers license with scissors.


Ask Yourself- “Do I need to buy this?”

Whenever you go to the store to buy something, make sure it is things you 100% need, not want. Keep your wanted items (if any) to a minimum. Not only will you be saving money that you would normally be spending on things you don’t need, but you will have less physical items to worry about!

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Victoria Naranjo

Victoria Naranjo

Victoria is a full-time student at Bridgewater College and writer for Apartment Showcase.

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