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4 Ways to Make Mismatched Furniture Work For You

When you move into your first (or fourth) apartment, decoration might not be a priority. If you’re like me, you were gifted with several items of hand-me-down furniture that, while functional (and free!), don’t match. In my case, they miss...

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7 Shark Tank Products Every Apartment Dweller Needs

For those who don’t know, Shark Tank is a super popular TV show where budding entrepreneurs come to pitch their invention/product to a group of venture capitalists. If the “sharks” like the idea then they’ll invest in the company. I...

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10 Fantastic Netflix Documentaries

Everyone’s heard of Blackfish and Making a Murderer, but there are lots of other great documentaries on Netflix to watch. (Although if you haven’t seen those go watch now!) Listed below are some of my favorites.   Planet Earth Planet Earth...