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Big Decorating Ideas for Small Apartments

Decorating a house, with its large, open spaces, can be easy, but what happens if you need to decorate something smaller, like a one-bedroom apartment? Small-space decorating can be challenging, but in this article we’ll share some ideas that will...

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How to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget

  Decorating a new apartment can be fun, exciting and, if you’re not careful, expensive. When you rent an apartment, one of the first things you’ll likely want to do is decorate. Here are some ways to decorate your apartment...

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Apartment Decorating Ideas That Won’t Violate Your Lease

Decorating an apartment depends on the property manager, as some do not allow tenants to make significant changes. You may be prohibited from painting or putting up wallpaper. As such, you should probably check your rental agreement before decorating. If...


Furnishing a Kid-Friendly Condo in Arlington

Clients are always cautious when it comes to buying new furniture if there are kids or pets in the household. Kyle and Maryline had the same concerns when they came to me at Ethan Allen to furnish their new condo...