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Jazz Festival (S Pakhrin via Flickr)

DC Jazz Festival Takes the Stage This Week

And they say pigs don’t fly. The DC Jazz Festival, an annual arts highlight in the city, has gone and done it. Organizers have finally changed the verbiage on the festival homepage, or at least scrapped the old part they...

Washington Harbour Ice Rink (Daniel Lobo via Flickr)

Lace Up Those Skates and Take to the Ice in Georgetown

I bet there are apartment renters out there in lovely D.C. who practically grew up in ice skates. You know the kind of person I’m talking about, the ones who skated for fun when the ice froze, or maybe high...

Thompson Boat Center (TrailVoice via Flickr)

Rent a Boat or Bike This Summer in Georgetown

It’s summertime, and people everywhere are thinking about recreation and getting out of the apartment. Many renters like to boat, and many more like to bike. Unfortunately, hardly any Washington, D.C., renter owns a boat, and despite the latest craze,...