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How to Add Color to an Apartment You Can’t Paint

No one likes beige, boring walls. Yet most apartments come with exactly those kinds of colors. Your first instinct? To paint the walls, brighten the space and make it yours. [ Related: Apartment Decorating Ideas That Won’t Violate Your Lease...


Adding Charm to Your Apartment with Reclaimed Items

When you first move into a new space, it’s tempting to go ahead and fill it up. New apartment renters might be itching to deck their walls and establish an interior design scheme. You’re anxious to immediately determine your colors...

My home away from home by Christina Murillo on flickr creative commons

Interior Design for Your Small Apartment

Living in small spaces and apartments means you will be facing a lot of challenges in the process, but thankfully they can be overcome with a bit of elbow grease and hard work. The following guidelines will give you more...