Nice and Tidy: Tips for Organizing Your Apartment

Trunk as Coffee Table

Double duty: A storage trunk is great for stashing large items and, if you’re short on space in your apartment, can also serve as a coffee table. (ShawnHenning via Flickr)

Are you a slob? I am. I can clean up pretty well when I want to, but a neatnik I’m not.

Well, Apartment Therapy has a nice little article on apartment organizing, which not only comes in handy when it comes to cleaning up your apartment, but keeping it that way.

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This article, Store It, Stuff It & Pack It Away: 101 Organizational Helpers, is sprawling, if you go ahead and click on each link. No way in a cold hades are we going to list 101 of anything on here, not even Dalmatians, but we’ll cut a utilitarian swath through it and come up with a few goodies … just for you, Messy Marvin in Annapolis.

1. Desktop File Boxes – It may just be me, but I like the look of some of these, especially the first one listed from Restoration Hardware, the Linen Desktop File Box Fog, which run from $55 to $65. “Made of engineered wood stout enough to hold heavy documents,” these classy boxes feature “brass-finished metal” fittings.

2. Storage Bins – I didn’t really like any of the article’s storage bins, so I’m gonna suggest the clear plastic kind you find at Target. I’ve bought quite a few of these in my time and they work great, and best of all, they’re cheap, around $10 or so; some, even less. For those of you who care about these things, Target does have other fashion-forward storage boxes (at least their site does), so have a look around.

3. Shoeboxes – You don’t have to be Imelda Marcos to know what it means to have more shoes than you know what to do with. My pick for housing your shoes is the Canvas Dual Access Shoebox, from Rubbermaid of all people. Only $7.69, these actually look good.

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4. Trunks – No favorite here; they all look good. Priced from $199 to $304.90 (the $169 listed for the PBteen dorm trunks has gone up), yes, these are expensive, but treat them right and I’ll bet they last forever – or years at least.

5. Record Storage – Having just returned from Hipster Reeducation Camp (Mantra #1: Hipsters are fine, creative, upstanding citizens that no community can do without!), my penance continues with 10 choices for vinyl record storage, and the prices vary wildly (like the recorded output from the band in the next video). Pick your poison.

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  • I use these type of storage box that can also be turned into a chair. It looks nice especially it comes with different designs. I just love the multi function of it.