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Vacuum Cleaner

The war on rugs: If you’re willing to splurge, consider picking up a spiffy new Dyson. It’s like the Cadillac of vacuum cleaners. (williac via Flickr)

Some apartment renters are cleaner than a cat and want their home to reflect this.

Some of us are … not.

Well, in 2012, the Huffington Post published “Buying Guide: The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home” (about a year ago to be exact), which gives you good practical advice on different types of vacuums (bagged and bagless, corded and cordless), with experts in the trade weighing in with their knowledge.

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For instance, according to Dyson design engineer Rob Green, it’s a vacuum’s air watts, not the amount of amps it uses, that’s more important when it comes to a model’s cleaning power.

Being a list, they also include 2012 models ranging from the now-$89 Metro Vac ‘N’ Blo 500 Turbo Handheld Vac – Black, to the $599 Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum. Is anyone out there who reads this blog successful enough to afford the Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum? (And yes, it’s not just you, these names are silly.) Somebody residing in, say, Del Ray maybe? If so, let us know your occupation. We’ll get the resumes ready.

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Another plus, they link to a purchasing site for the particular model featured; most of the models are still linked.

For those who insist on being au courant, and I know you’re out there, the ones on Facebook who just had to say they saw the Miley Cyrus video first, here’s a link to’s “Smart-Review: Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide 2013.” This one has more information – lots more – but it’s not quite as user-friendly or pithy. It’s your choice: the CliffsNotes or novel version. I got an idea. Read both!

Either way, you’ll suck up some knowledge. Happy vacuum hunting.

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