10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

This year the spring equinox falls on March 20, marking the beginning of plant renewal and (hopefully) warmer weather. For many folks, spring is the time they want to clean up their apartments. Yes, we’ve all heard of spring cleaning, and I’m here to give you some spring cleaning tips.

Now that we have carpet for the first time, we need a vacuum for the first time. Behold the lovely little Miele, which nicely sucks up all of the fuzzy bits of wool which the new carpet is prone to shed.

Behold the lovely little Miele, which nicely sucks up all of the fuzzy bits of wool which the new carpet is prone to shed. Photo Credit: Jessica Spengler on Creative Commons

Some of these I’m sure you’ve heard of and already do, though there are a few here that you may not have thought of. Whether you call Triangle or Glover Park home, giving your domicile a spring cleaning is much the same endeavor.

1. De-clutter. Your home doesn’t exactly have to be an episode of the lamented “Hoarders” for you to think about de-cluttering, with Matt Paxton sweating his you know what off, sorting through mounds of trash in a wreck of a house amid the blazing summer heat.

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I know it’s hard to part with stuff that may have sentimental value, but sometimes you have to make hard choices. One good way to go about this is to label four big boxes (and/or accompanying large trash bags) with four names: trash, sell/give away, store and put away. Once you can categorize, the process should become easier. The difference between “store” and “put away” comes down to usage. Things you use a lot should be “put away” where you can readily access them. Of course, that might lead to cleaning and organizing drawers, which is a good thing, too.

2. Store your warm clothing. Store them in plastic storage bins. Before storing, wash your clothes, but make sure they’re completely Moisture can damage your clothes through attracting insects and mildew. Store the clothes in a cool, dark, clean space.

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3. Before you start cleaning, make sure you have your cleaning supplies. If not, head to your local grocery store, hardware store or big-box emporium (see below).

4. Clean your windows. Now that things are put away, you can get down to the real cleaning. Start with your windows.

Spring cleaning (Choo Yut Shing via Flickr)

Head in the clouds: If you’re feeling particularly ambitious and own a grappling hook, you might think about— On second thought, better leave that to the professionals. (Choo Yut Shing via Flickr)

5. Dust your light bulbs. That’s easy.

6. Wash your blinds and/or curtains. Check the label on your curtains. Some may be dry clean-only. Here is a good primer on how to steam clean your curtains.

7. Deep clean your rugs and carpets … or if you’re a lazy bum, vacuum for once! Home Depot rents carpet cleaners, and so does Lowe’s. You may want to check the link at the bottom of the post to see if local stores rent cleaners as well.

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8. Clean out your refrigerator and freezer. Get rid of those moldy vegetables at the bottom of the drawer you’ve been avoiding since last year or that who-knows-what stain in the back of your fridge. Take everything out of both compartments, and get the toothbrush ready. For greenies out there, here are some good tips on making several vinegar and baking soda cleaning solutions.

9. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. This is something few think about, but it can save your life.

10. Cat owners. It might be a good time to actually scrub that litter box. We’ll let your nose guide you here.

Here’s an article we posted on local hardware stores where you should be able to find some cleaning supplies. The above links to Home Depot and Lowe’s are good as well; the sites have easy store locators, as do other big-box store sites.


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