10 Amenities to Look For When Choosing an Apartment

When deciding to rent an apartment, it is important to consider what amenities come with the place. Amenities can make or break an apartment. Here are the top 10 amenities that will make your new home more desirable.

  1. Location, Location, Location – The most important factor in deciding on a new apartment is the location. By being in the right location, your place will be worth more and your neighborhood safer. Being in an ideal location can put you close to food, shopping and entertainment. Not having to go far makes life much easier.
  1. Floor Plan – An open floor plan can make a place seem bigger and more spacious. Having the kitchen open to the living space can make a home seem friendlier, and it’ll be easier to have family dinners.

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  1. Renovation – Everyone loves the feel of a new apartment. Even if the apartment isn’t new, a good renovation will give it the appearance that it is new.
  1. Parking – Having a safe, reliable place to park your car can make a new apartment feel more like home. Off-street parking is a very desirable amenity, but being able to park in a garage is even better.
  1. Appliances – The right kitchen appliances can make even a small apartment look classy and welcoming. Stainless-steel or all-black appliances will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Whichever type you prefer, just be sure that your appliances match.

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  1. Storage Space – Closets, built-in shelves and other storage areas are a must for any apartment. The more places to store items, the better. Be sure to ask if your apartment community has an external storage area to supplement your closet space.
  1. Windows – We all love closets, but we don’t want to live in one. Windows can make a place feel more open and livable. They allow natural light to come into the apartment, making it a more inviting place to live.
  1. Heating and Cooling – Having the right type of heating and cooling system is very important to making an apartment comfortable and livable. Check to make sure that a central heating and cooling system is installed. Will your apartment have its own thermostat? Does the building control when you can turn on the A/C and heat? Or will you be able to do that yourself?

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  1. Your Own Washer and Dryer – It is not fun doing laundry at a laundry mat. Being able to do laundry in your own place is a great amenity to have. If an in-apartment laundry solution isn’t available, find out if there’s at least a laundry room in the building. And if it’s on your floor, that’s even better.
  1. Outdoor Space – An outdoor space can be a courtyard, a balcony or a nearby park. Finding the right apartment should include an outdoor spot to enjoy the sun or a space to barbecue.

The amenities that your next apartment community offers are just as important as the apartment itself. They are what make your place special and unique. Choose your next apartment with this in mind.

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