Handle With Care: How to Maintain Your Apartment

As a renter, you may wonder how you are supposed to care for your apartment. Caring for a rental property is very similar to caring for a home. There can be a lot of grey areas that can make people a little unclear about how they are supposed to handle certain situations when they arise.

So how are you supposed to treat your apartment, and how do you handle your relationship with the management?

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Like It’s Yours
Just because you don’t own your apartment that doesn’t mean you should treat it with disrespect. Your property manager or landlord trust that you won’t damage the apartment or neglect the things that need to be fixed. The only problem with treating something like it’s yours is that you really cannot treat it like it’s yours. Depending on the actual terms of your lease, you might not be able to

  • Paint
  • Put up wallpaper
  • Change the flooring
  • Put up wall decorations

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Call for Help When You Need It
There are certain times when you should contact the manager to change certain things about the apartment. Major tasks like changing the flooring or fixing the stove likely fall under the purview of your apartment’s maintenance team. Each of the things that you will need to call them about will be stated in the lease. It is important that you do not try to fix these things yourself, especially if your lease says you should have them fix it. If you try to fix the problem yourself and wind up making the problem worse, you could be liable.

What to Do When the Manager Does Not Help You
There are many people who have been renting for years who will never have a problem with their property manager. But what happens when you do have a problem with the manager? The first thing to remember is that you should never fear retaliation for reporting the manager. If the manager is putting people at risk because they are not meeting their responsibilities, it is your job to report it.

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It is rare that you will ever have to consider this. If you are having a problem with the manager, you need to get a hold of your property manager’s supervisor. Report the things that you have noticed that were not fixed and any other concerns that you have. Your lease should give you the right to bring your concerns to a higher authority if your situation demands it.

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