Why You Should Consider Getting a Roommate

Have you ever thought about finding a roommate for your apartment? While living alone has its benefits, there can be several advantages to sharing your space. Sometimes a person just needs the financial assistance; others just want the company.

Here are some reasons you may want to think about living with a roommate.

Cut the Housework and Bills in Half
When you live with others, the responsibility of maintaining the apartment doesn’t fall exclusively on your shoulders. This includes cleaning the apartment and sharing the cost of supplies. You’ll be able to divvy up other costs as well, including food, utilities and rent. As you work together to cover household expenses, you’ll have extra money to put back into savings.

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Roommates watching TV

Thanks for sharing: When you live with a roommate, you’ll likely see your monthly bills shrink and your social life grow. (Wonderlane via Flickr)

Save on Transportation
It’s not likely that you and your roommate will work in the same place, but if circumstances allow the two of you to head in the same direction, then carpooling might be an attractive option. You can alternate between cars, driving your car one day and your roommate’s the next day. You’ll put fewer miles on each vehicle, and you’ll save money on gas.

Built-In Pet Sitter
If you have a pet in the apartment, there is always the convenience of having someone home to pet-sit. This will help keep the apartment in order and your pooch from making a mess.

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Safety in Numbers
Most of the time roommates have different schedules. This can be a major positive, as it often means that one roommate will be home while the other is out. Constant occupancy will deter potential intruders and leave you less vulnerable to a break-in.

Who Needs a Locksmith?
How many times have you locked yourself out of your apartment? I’ve done it myself, and I was very thankful that I had a roommate to let me in. A roommate can also help out if you’ve locked yourself out of your car (provided you’ve given them a spare key).

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Enough Is Enough
Let’s face it: Bad days happen, and there are times when life gets to be too much. When this is the case, you may find that your roommate is the best person with whom to talk and share your feelings. On the other hand, you can be the same sounding board for your roommate.

While you should stand firm on the qualities you want from a potential roommate, remember that being too selective can make it tough to find a match that really meets your needs. If you’re having trouble finding a roommate, try being a bit more flexible and making changes to your preferences. Within a short time, you will find the right person with whom you can comfortably share your space.

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