How Many Apartments Should You See?

When seeking an apartment you should not choose the first one you are interested in. Instead you want to look at multiple apartments before making a choice. As for how many homes you should seek before deciding on an apartment, that depends on how soon you need to move in and your budget. To keep yourself from looking at more homes than you need to, narrow your search to just apartments that match your criteria and budget. At the same time, be willing to look at homes outside your criteria.

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One of the best ways to look at multiple listings at once is to search for apartments online. Have an idea of what you want in an apartment and when you search for apartments online, write down the addresses and other details about each apartment as well as the contact information of the realtors or property managers of the apartments you want to check out before making a decision. For example, if you live alone and you want to live near downtown, you may decide to look at a few studio apartments.

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by Flickr user: Charleston’s TheDigitel

There are certain amenities that you look for in an apartment and not all apartments will have the same amenities so this is all the more reason why you should visit more than one apartment before you choose one. If you want an apartment that has a washer/dryer inside of it along with plenty of parking, you would look for an apartment that has these things.

The neighborhoods that the apartments are in make a difference in which apartment you choose so you will need to look at multiple apartments to determine which neighborhood best suits your interests and needs. Do research on the neighborhoods and ask the residents some questions such as the crime levels there, the quality of the schools, job market and employment options there, and if the neighborhood is family friendly.

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If kids are going to live in the apartment with you, it is especially important that you visit a few apartments before making a choice. You need to know if the apartment is safe enough for the kids to live in and if there are any health hazards that lurk in the potential apartment.

Too often apartment hunters fall for the first nice apartment they see and they fail to look at more than one before moving in. Another reason for looking at multiple apartments is to determine if you will get along with the landlord. Just because you think the landlord is nice at the beginning of the lease does not mean that there will not be conflicts in the future. You should do research on the landlords of the apartments because some of them are shady and could rip off potential tenants.

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When searching for an apartment, you want to do so thoroughly and if necessary, hire a realtor to assist you. You can also ask a friend who is experienced in apartment hunting to go with you during the process.

The necessity vs. desire is one of the factors that determine the number of places you look before deciding on an apartment, measuring what you really need against what you would like to have. Making priorities is also an important thing, which means you need to rent the apartment based on the amenities which are really needed by you. Another thing is to know your style. For instance, are you interested in a charming but older bungalow or a sleek, modern high-rise apartment?

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