5 Ways to Survive a Major Move


Making the decision to move is a big deal, especially when it’s to a new state. For me, my first experience moving into an apartment was a drastic one – 3,000 miles away from home! My boyfriend and I put everything we owned into his hatchback and drove from Pennsylvania to California and moved into an apartment together. Even though I knew we were moving into a new place, it didn’t occur to me that there wouldn’t even be a starter roll of toilet paper in the unit! It’s both a shock and joy moving into your first apartment, and so very important to make it feel like home. Things like decor and bedding are ways of making you feel safe, comfortable, and happy when living in a new place, and I believe it is crucial to consider these things before throwing in the towel in a new area.

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Check out these tips from my cross-country transplant to help make your transition a little smoother:



  1. Save

Save enough money for about three months rent, utilities, and food, as well as moving expenses (including travel and hotel) and any purchases you’ll need to make for your new place. If you don’t have a job offer in your new area, you’ll need funds to keep you afloat until you have one and generally it’s a good habit to have a bit of a financial buffer when moving.

Also, consult with your bank to ensure they have a branch near your new home!

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  1. Buy a Real Bed

Please buy a bed. A real bed with a frame or platform that you’ll put clean sheets and blankets on and snuggle into each night. Having a bed gives you a sense of comfort and stability that will be so important to you in a new place. Plus, a bad-sleeping arrangement means bad sleep, which affects your mental and physical health.


Pretty Bedding

Credit: By Ali Inay on Unsplash


  1. Decorate

Whether you’re sharing an apartment with a roommate or renting a place on your own, you’ll want to personalize the space and make it yours! You can print photos for a few cents a piece at the drugstore and hang them up with 3M Command Strips or Washi Tape for inexpensive and damage free décor!

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Places like Target, Home Goods, Ross, and Goodwill are great for things like storage baskets, candles, throw pillows, and wall art all at very reasonable prices, making it possible to customize your rental and make it feel like home.


  1. Stay in Touch

Send a handwritten card to your friends and family! This is a relatively inexpensive way to keep your loved ones in the loop and maintain important relationships. Plus, being in a new city can be lonely, so this is a good way to combat that. Visiting your local tourist spots will provide you with plenty of ridiculous stationary and give your pals a new keepsake!


Love is... Postcards. Credit: Kendra on flickr creative commons

Love is… Postcards. Credit: Kendra on flickr creative commons



  1. Get Out of the House

Moving to a new city can be both exciting and isolating, which is why it’s important to explore your new surroundings! Go out for a walk, take an art class, go sightseeing, or attend a mixer—you’ll meet new people and take in all your new city has to offer!

A major move is never easy, but these tips should make the process more manageable.

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By Shannon Brown


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