Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your Apartment

thanksgiving family dinnerIt’s the start of the holidays and you love Thanksgiving food.

You’re looking forward to sharing your passion for the holiday with friends and family and you are dying to have it at your place. Too bad your place is about 500 sq. feet. Not only is having company tricky in small spaces, but cooking more than a medium dinner with two-three dishes can be tricky. You’re dead set on making mini-Turkey day happen in your place though so here are some tricks to make it work:


Don’t Be Too Ambitious

Yes, I know you want your spread to look like something out of Martha Stewart Living, but if you’re in a small space you have to be patient with yourself and be real about what you can cook in the amount of time and the space you’ve allotted to your Thanksgiving plans.

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Divvy Up Dishes

Assign your close friends some side dishes. Don’t make yourself responsible for cooking the whole dang meal, you’ll drive yourself crazy.


Limit the Guest List

It’s simple. Do not invite everyone you know. Do not invite your whole family. Choose a very specific audience/guest list for this special meal and don’t let it get away from you. Maybe this is a Friendsgiving only for friends who cannot get home to spend the holiday with family, maybe it’s pre-Thanksgiving dinner for your three closest college friends. Whatever the case, set parameters for who you invite that creates a very specific guest list. If you need to be hush-hush about the event to keep people’s feelings from getting hurt, so be it.


Clear Clutter Pre-Party

Don’t only clean before the party, but also de-clutter. Even if you have to shove excess junk in your car, you may really want to feng shui your space before meal prep. The more space you have and the more prepared you are the better. You may want to re-organize your furniture temporarily to maximize seating space.


Cook in Advance

Cooking a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Don’t be cooking at the last second, you’ll only get more stressed. Have everything prepared and chilled the night before and then give everything a once over in the oven before serving. You may want to plate food for your guests and distribute the plats or set up a small buffet.

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Leave Your Windows Open

Depending on the size of your dinner, it could get pretty stuffy and hot in your space. Leave the windows open, choose chilled wine over warm ciders, and again, don’t jam pack your apartment too much. If you or your guests are uncomfortable, it won’t be quite so fun.
Large Pillows = More Seating

My last tip, be inventive and create more seating room on the floor by pulling out your largest pillows for chairs. It will make your gathering feel cozy and allow more visitors their own designated spot.

The trick for party planning in a small space is just being prepared but flexible, inventive, and not being afraid to ask for assistance.


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Elaina Hundley

Elaina Hundley is an education professional with a passion for cozy, affordable home decor. She loves coffee, watching "Fixer Upper," and tries to read and write as much as she can in her free time.

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