Picking the Perfect Video Game Console for Your Apartment

Video games are becoming more and more popular, and not just among kids. People of all ages are starting to discover the fun of video games. The trifecta of video game consoles right now is the Nintendo Wii U, the Sony Playstation 4, and the Microsoft Xbox One. Choosing one of these is a big decision, and these tips will help you make the right choice.

Mario Kart Tournament

Mario Kart With Friends. Credit: By Richard Giles on flickr creative commons


What Do Your Friends Have?

One of the best things about video games is you can play them with your friends. Nowadays, you don’t even have to be in the same room as your friends to play with them- you can do it over the internet. The catch is, though, you have to have the same kind of console. If you have an Xbox and your friend has a PS4 then it’s a no-go. Ask around and find out what consoles your friends have to see if you want to match with them.

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Colorful Controller

Controller. Credit: By Joey on flickr creative commons


Who’s Going To Play It?

Is this console just for you, or is it going to be in the living room so it can be entertainment for guests? If it’s going to be entertainment, consider who you have coming over. The Wii might be good if you’re going to have your little nieces and nephews over, or if you have kids of your own, as they have a great selection of games for all ages (including adults. If your friends are more the type to like first-person shooters, though, then the Xbox One of PS4 might be the best option.


What’s Your Budget?

While it would be fun to get a top-of-the-line console, those range from $300-$350, not including games and controllers. If that’s more than you’re willing to spend, consider getting older consoles, like the Xbox 360 (for $200). The original Wii and the PS3 can no longer be bought from the company itself, but you can buy them new on Amazon. There is also the option of getting them refurbished or used on sites like GameStop and Best Buy, but doing this can be risky, so make sure you do your research and get a warranty. With an old console you won’t be able to get the newest games but there are plenty of old ones out there that are fun. However, don’t get something too old because if you do then finding games for it will be hard, which means when you do find them they’ll be expensive.

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What Games Do You Want?

Many games are made so they can be played on any platform, but some, like Mario games (which are only for Nintendo consoles), are not. Do a little bit of research on games that are just available exclusively for the PS4 or Xbox One to see if there are any that will affect your choice.


Video Game Store

Digital Press. Credit: By Rob DiCaterino on flickr creative commons


Consider Alternatives

Are you still not sure after reading all this? Are you afraid this might be too big of a commitment? If so, try something smaller first like a 2DS. This runs for only $80 and still has a ton of fun games.  Since it’s hand-held you can even bring it on the go when you travel. It’s the perfect way to get your feet wet in the video game world.

Use these tips to pick the perfect console for you and then have fun gaming!


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