Where to Get Last Minute Gifts When it’s Too Late to Order from Amazon

The Mall

Pentagon City Mall

Fashion Centre at Pentagon City by m01229 on Flickr Creative Commons

Literally, any mall. They’re a dime a dozen in the DMV. There’s Fair Oaks, Dulles Town Center, Westfield Montgomery, Arundel Mills, Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, and many, many more. Lest we forget our favorite classy Manassas Mall! They’ve really come up in the world since being under new management; you’d be surprised.


Museum Gift Shops

Stuffed Animals in a Gift Shop at the National Zoo

Gift Shop at the National Zoo by m01229 on Flickr Creative Commons

Amazingly, there are many museums in and around D.C. that will be open on Christmas Eve. For example Smithsonian museums are open every single day of the year except for December 25th and you can view their list of Museum and Zoo Hours here. You could perhaps spend the day in an art museum of your choice and when you find an artist that speaks to you and reminds you of that someone special, pop in the gift shop, and see what they have in store.



Etsy is notorious for unique and unusual handmade items as well as vintage collectables and some shops can be surprisingly helpful for last minute shoppers. A lot of sellers will help you get things by Christmas, so even if it might cost you an arm and a leg in shipping, you can still get something cool. Try shooting the seller a private message to see if they can hook you up!


Superstores (Walmart, Target, yes, even you, Kmart)

Walmart Clearance Bin

Walmart by Mike Mozart on Flickr Creative Commons

Everything from gift sets of hygiene products to toys to kitchen appliances, these megastores have it all and can be found in practically every city in the area. Even though pretty much all of these stores are closed on Christmas Day, most will be open as late as 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Be sure to check your local listings before heading out to go shopping at one.



You may laugh, but a gift card to 7-11 can go surprisingly far, especially for a teenager or college student. Late night Big Bite® cravings? No problem. Coffee before your first 8 am class this spring semester? They got that. A full tank of gas? You betcha. Plus, they are open 24/7/365 and that means that YES they are OPEN on Christmas Day!


Grocery Stores

Florist in a Grocery Store

Credit: Nicholas Eckhart on Flickr Creative Commons

Hey, a cheap bottle of Winking Owl wine from Aldi’s never hurt anybody. Why not pop in Harris Teeter and pick up a sixer of craft winter ales as a gift? How about an assortment of charcuterie and cheeses from Giant or Shoppers to accompany that boozy palette? Most grocery stores also have a variety of floral arrangements, gift baskets, and greeting cards for any doting spouse or maternal family figure.


Honorable Mentions:

Downtown Holiday Market in Penn Quarter
Historic Fredericksburg
Peruvian Connection
Hospital Gift Shops
Flawless Face Forward
Cork Market & Tasting Room
Home Rule
Salt & Sundry
Som Records


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